Lidar Digimap now included with Aerial Digimap

Aerial Digimap is expanding; earlier this year Edina added a new tranche of Getmapping Plc’s detailed, 25cm resolution orthophotography images, covering around 30% of the country. A second update is expected, which will provide data flown in 2016 to go into the service over the next academic year.  Aerial Digimap has the most detailed aerial imagery available as a national coverage and working towards it being the most up-to-date collection too.

And we have more good news for you…

At the beginning of June, Lidar Digimap was made available for users to preview until 31st July 2017.  We are delighted to advise that as part of our Aerial Digimap subscription users will have continued access to Lidar Digimap until 31st July next year.

More information about the Lidar Digimap collection can be found here:

and here:


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