Marine Digimap

The University of Cambridge has long subscribed to the Digimap service run by EDINA, providing maps and geospatial data from a number of national data providers, including Ordnance Survey and the British Geological Survey.

Cambridge University Library’s Map Department provides a helpful page giving details of the service and how to get access here.   This page includes the Terms of Use that specify that the data is available for teaching, educational research, academic research or limited internal business use only. Registration is required before use, and access thereafter is via Raven login.

In addition to the access to the Ordnance Survey Collection, Historic Digimap, Geology Digimap and Environment Digimap, the University has added the Aerial, Lidar, and Global services, and from 2018/2019 Marine Digimap.

Aerial: Aerial imagery data at scales ranging from 1:150,000 to 1:500 available for making maps online or for download. Complete coverage of Great Britain is available.

Lidar: Lidar data maps the earth’s surface and is captured by firing rapid laser pulses (thousands of times per second) at the ground surface. By examining the laser energy reflected back from the ground the surface is captured as a dense cloud of 3D points. These points are then converted in to highly detailed terrain models of the surface of the earth and by examining the reflections from both the ground surface and the vegetation canopy it is possible to derive both Digital Terrain Models of the bare earth surface (DTM) and also Digital Surface Models (DSM) that show the vegetation canopy.

Global: This is a service that is being developed now by EDINA, mainly using OpenStreetMap and Natural Earth data.  You can read more about this innovative new service here.

Marine: Includes the raster nautical charts derived from the UK Hydrographic Office paper charts and chart panels, and Marine Themes vector data covering all UK waters which can be loaded into Geographic Information Systems.  Marine data is extensively used in offshore engineering projects, management of marine and coastal environments, marine ecology studies, environmental impact assessments and tourism.

Within Marine Digimap are the following tools:

Roam is used to view, annotate, and save maps through your browser. Maps can be created at scales 1:2,500 to 1:5,000,000, and saved as PDF, PNG and JPG, from sizes A4 to A0.

Chart Roam provides marine charts created from the original paper charts. The digital files are available in TIFF format (from Marine Download) at scales from 1:5,000 to 1:5,000,000. They can be viewed, annotated, and saved as PDF, PNG and JPG formats from sizes A4 to A0.

Marine download enables the download of OceanWise Ltd. data for use in GIS software. Marine download contains additional data to Marine Roam such as UK Territorial Sea Area, Continental Shelf Area and Fishery Zone.

Access to Digimap is via the Maps Department page on the University Library website or via the Cambridge LibGuides Databases A-Z.

Digimap has its own YouTube  channel here.

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