New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : PaleoAmerica: A journal of early human migration and dispersal 


From the Taylor & Francis website for the journal:

PaleoAmerica disseminates new research results and ideas about early human dispersal and migrations, with a particular focus on the Americas. It fosters an interdisciplinary dialog between archaeologists, geneticists and other scientists investigating the dispersal of modern humans during the late Pleistocene.

“The journal has three goals: First and foremost, the journal is a vehicle for the presentation of new research results. Second, it includes editorials on special topics written by leaders in the field. Third, the journal solicits essays covering current debates in the field, the state of research in relevant disciplines, and summaries of new research findings in a particular region, for example Beringia, the Eastern Seaboard or the Southern Cone of South America. Although the journal’s focus is the peopling of the Americas, editorials and research essays also highlight the investigation of early human colonization of empty lands in other areas of the world. As techniques are developing so rapidly, work in other regions can be very relevant to the Americas, so the journal will publish research relating to other regions which has relevance to research on the Americas.”

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from volume 1 (2015) to present.

Access PaleoAmerica via the Journal Search or from the iDiscover record.

Image credit: by Free-Photos on Pixabay –

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