New e-resources pages on search and discovery tools

New pages on search and discovery tools have been added to the e-resources website.   These pages are intended to promote discovery of Open Access content and provide links and guidance to help users when they meet a subscription paywall.

The pages can be access here:

and are linked from the top-left box on the e-resources site.

The pages replace the “Articles and journals” page.

The iDiscover article search box has been moved to the first concertina box on the “Ask Cambridge Libraries” page.

There is also now linked from this page an iDiscover “Citation Linker” for article searching using ISSN, Title, DOI or PMID (or ISBN for books).

The pages comprise:

Open Access browser plugins

Super-easy to install and use, we recommend extensions to your browser to deliver the articles you need

Where to find Open Access content

Guiding you to the most important sites to search for articles and books outside the paywall

Use document delivery services

Find out about the range of inter-library loan and document scanning services Cambridge offers

Ask your library and network

Use Cambridge libraries for help and advice using social networks to obtain access to publications


The pages have been produced by the working together of the Office of Scholarly Communication, the Digital Services Web Manager, and the E-resources & E-journals teams.


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