South Asia Open Archives (SAOA)


South Asia Open Archives

From the  archive website:

“The South Asia Open Archives (SAOA), a subset of the South Asia Materials Project (SAMP), creates and maintains a collection of open access materials for the study of South Asia. This major collaborative initiative is aimed at addressing the current scarcity of digital resources pertinent to South Asia studies and at making collections more widely accessible both to North American scholars and to researchers worldwide.”

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Database usage statistics 2018-2019

database usage graph

This ia an update on database usage at the University of Cambridge.

Total database usage increased by 10.9% in 2018-2019.

Searches, result clicks and record view increased by 10.4%, 9.7% and 12.7% respectively.

There were in total:
  • 1.4 million searches,
  • 3.0 million result clicks and
  • 3.6 million record views (i.e. full text downloads)
The top 10 most used databases are as follows:
Database Statistic 2018-19 total
Ovid MEDLINE(R) Record views 919,646
Proquest databases (all) Record views 807,093
Embase Record views 675,356
Scopus Record views 166,125
Oxford English Dictionary Searches 148,137
Springer-Protocols Record views 131,767
Web of Science Record views 131,527
18th C. Collections Online Record views 128,979
BMJ Best Practice Record views 124,798
Oxford Dictionaries Searches 107,435