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Renewed EU funding will keep a Scandinavian Arctic fox program going


From the  database website:

ArcticToday is the comprehensive news source reporting on the Arctic, from the Arctic.

An independent digital news site, ArcticToday partners with media organizations from around the circumpolar north, offering readers on-the-ground reporting, international news, features and community perspectives from one of the world’s fastest-changing regions.”

The University of Cambridge now has full access on and off campus to Arctic today via this link.

The title will be in iDiscover. It is listed in the eresources newspapers page and the newspapers libguide.


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From the  journal website:

ARCTIC is a peer-reviewed, primary research journal that publishes the results of scientific research from all areas of circumpolar scholarship. Original scholarly papers in the physical, social, and biological sciences, humanities, engineering, and technology are included, as are book reviews, commentaries, letters to the editor, and profiles of significant people, places, or events of northern interest.

The journal is multidisciplinary; any manuscript submitted for publication should, therefore, be of potential appeal not only to specialists but also to readers whose principal interests do not coincide directly with the subject addressed in the paper.

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from 1948 (volume 1) to present.

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Society Digimap

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : SOCIETY DIGIMAP

From the  Digimap website:

Explore a range of demographic data with the newest Digimap collection. Society Digimap provides a wealth of census and socio-economic data for Great Britain. The processing required to visualise Census and other demographic datasets can be a barrier to use for many interested in the value of the datasets.

By providing these datasets as layers to visualise along with high quality Ordnance Survey data, users can access the rich information to gain valuable insights for their areas of interest without the need to learn how to use a GIS.

Now available to the University of Cambridge.

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Digital dictionary of Buddhism

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : DIGITAL DICTIONARY OF BUDDHISM

From the  website for the resource:

The Digital Dictionary of Buddhism [DDB] is a compilation of Chinese ideograph-based terms, texts, temple, schools, persons, etc. found in Buddhist canonical sources.

The Chinese-Japanese-Korean-Vietnamese/English Dictionary [CJKV-E] is a compilation of Chinese ideographs, as well as ideograph-comprised compound words, text names, person names, etc., found primarily in the Confucian and Daoist classics.

It also includes vocabulary from Neo-Confucian texts, as well as other philosophical and historical sources. Its information on individual ideographs is intended to be comprehensive, containing pronunciations and meanings from ancient and modern sources from the Sinitic cultural sphere including China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. Modern-day compound words are included incidentally, but the coverage of modern materials is not intended to be comprehensive.

Now available to the University of Cambridge.

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Oxford Bibliographies in Music : trial access

The University of Cambridge has trial access to the Oxford Bibliographies in Music via

until 31 March 2020.

Please tell us what you think of this archive using the feedback form here.  Thank you.

Oxford Bibliographies in Music combines the best features of a high-level encyclopedia and a traditional bibliography in a style tailored to meet the needs of today’s online researchers.

Each article, written and reviewed by top scholars in the field, is rich with citations and annotations, expert recommendations, and narrative pathways to the most important works for virtually all areas of music.”


Nature metabolism

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From the  journal website:

Nature Metabolism publishes work from across all fields of metabolism research that significantly advances our understanding of metabolic and homeostatic processes in a cellular or broader physiological context, from fundamental cell biology to basic biomedical and translational research.

At its core, the research published in Nature Metabolism sheds light on how cellular metabolism informs cellular function, on the physiology and homeostasis of organs and tissues, on the regulation of organismal energy homeostasis, and on the molecular pathophysiology of metabolic diseases, such as diabetes and obesity, or the treatment thereof.”

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from 2019 volume 1 to present.

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OA Helper

Reposted from the CORE blog

The CORE Team is happy to inform you that  Claus Wolf, with CORE’s support, has developed the OA Helper – a  brand new application, which enables iOS users to search for scientific articles in their devices without hitting a paywall. Fascinated by Open Access and Open Source, Claus Wolf implemented CORE Discovery and CORE Recommender into this application.

Claus Wolf says: “Open Access provides a level playing field on which innovation can be built and also serves as a field for learning. Creating a tool that would support Open Access for macOS & iOS users thus seemed like a worthwhile endeavour and it turned out to be a great learning opportunity for him.” To install this application on your device, just visit the Apple Store site.

Read more about this here