Access to e-resources during COVID-19 outbreak

Access to e-resources, including online academic journals, e-books, databases, that the University of Cambridge subscribes will continue to be available to all full members of the University as normal.

The University Library has created a web page here which provides the essential information you need at this time.

Additional resources during covid-19 outbreak

Publishers are generously opening up their content for students and researchers in recognition of the difficulty higher and further education libraries have in maintaining seamless service to print holdings.

We have created an access to additional e-resources during COVID-19 outbreak web page which lists the publishers and resources (titles) that you will be able to access online for at least (in most cases) the next 90 days under these arrangements.


If you cannot obtain access to the resource you need in this period, be that a book or journal, or other, and you would normally have been able to obtain a copy in one of the Cambridge University Libraries, please complete the “New title (book or periodical)” form and we will do our best to supply when possible:


We support remote users of our services in a number of ways.

Journals and databases

Over 120,000 ejournal titles and 400 databases are available off-campus. More information on how to discover and search them can be found at

You can also find free open access research outputs on the institutional research repositories round the world. These should appear in a Google search, but you can also search Cambridge’s institutional repository, Apollo, here:


The University has access to 800,000 ebooks off-campus from a wide variety of publishers and most are available through links in the iDiscover catalogue. More information can be found at

We are acquiring more ebooks daily, particularly to support students. If you need a book and it is not yet available electronically we can help obtaining it as an ebook if it is available from the publisher.

To recommend an ebook for acquisition please use the form at

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