How to use eresources@cambridge: #5 Article searching in iDiscover (& excluding Electronic Legal Deposit)

iDiscover allows you to search to electronic and print journals and books as well as search for  full text articles from within the majority of ejournals, newspapers and databases available to the University of Cambridge. You can perform general keyword searches for an overview of a subject or find a specific article via a title search. (click on the coloured links to be taken to the section you need).

Please note: you will also be searching the Electronic Legal Deposit collection of material received at the University Library as Legal Deposit from publishers. These articles (and ebooks) can only be accessed via designated PCs with the University Library and the affiliated department and faculty libraries.

See details below of how to exclude these results from your search.

General keyword searches for an overview of a subject

Check the ‘Articles and online resources’ option above the search box. In the iDiscover search box enter the keywords that you would like to search and click on the magnifying glass icon.

The list of results you see will include ‘ Electronic Legal Deposit’ articles that cannot be read when off-campus or from on campus networked PCs.

You can also filter you search results with the ‘Refine my results’ list in the panel on the right hand side of the screen. You can click on a filter to specify that it has to be included in your search. If you hover your mouse over the filter the text will change to red and a red tick inside a circle that is crossed through will appear. Click on this to exclude this type of result from your list.

Any filters you choose will appear above the ‘Refine my results list’ and you can cancel them by clicking on the ‘X’ next to the text in the white box.


To open an article or ejournal click on the green ‘Full text available’ or ‘Online access’ link from the results list record view. If you click on the record you will see a more detailed record for the article or ejournal.

If you are off campus and not already logged in to Raven then you will be prompted to log in with Raven at this point. 


To exclude Electronic Legal Deposit go to the bottom of the list of filters and expand the ‘Collection’ list. Find Electronic Legal Deposit in this list, hover your cursor over it and click on the ‘exclude this’ symbol. Your results should now all be available to access as full text.


Electronic Legal Deposit detailed records will include the text:


Specific article via a title search


To search for a specific article we recommend putting speechmarks around the title. This will limit the search to results showing that exact string of words in the record.

You can also search for a specific article you can search by the article DOI (Digital Object Identifier): ie. 10.7717/peerj.338.

You can also use the Advanced Search option to search by citation information when you do not have the article title.


If you have any problems accessing articles send us a message via the ‘Report a problem’ form from the iDiscover article/journal record or contact the  ejournals@cambridge helpdesk


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