How to use eresources@cambridge: SPECIAL – The advice we often give to help with access problems

If you click on a link to an article or ejournal and the page does not load correctly we would suggest that you take two steps to make sure that the problem is not local to your computer.


What browser are you using? Does the article or ejournal open if you use a different browser?

This is suggested when the article/ejournal opens correctly for us (on and off campus) and we want to work out if the issue is with the  browser of the person who is experiencing an access issue.


It can be useful to delete the history, cookies and cache from your browser before closing and reopening it. Does this help you get access?

This is suggested when the article or ejournal opens in a second browser, but not the primary browser that is being used. Errors can get stored in browsers. By deleting history, etc. you can sometimes clear the problem and get access.


If you cannot access what you need you can check if it is include in our eresources collection by searching for it in iDiscover. We may have access to what you need via a different platform.

If you have any questions or want to contact us please do so  ejournals@cambridge helpdesk


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