New e-resource : Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education

Following a recommendation for access we can now announce that the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education is now available to members of the University of Cambridge.

“As a field of study, education draws widely from other disciplines while constituting a discourse all its own. It is simultaneously a field of study, a set of social and professional practices, and a range of social institutions. Educational researchers are concerned with the purposes of education, how people learn, the implications of various ways of teaching, the pedagogical and social effects of organizational and institutional arrangements, and ultimately with improvement in all these. They examine education’s relation to and effect upon culture, socialization, politics, national and international development, social change, social maintenance, and conflict. Educational researchers study informal learning, public pedagogies, technologies, social problems and social contexts. They are also charged with sorting out various schemes to improve effectiveness and efficiency, distinguishing between fad and improvement, hype and substance.

“The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education will be the authoritative resource for those who wish to understand this complex field of inquiry and endeavor. Education is one of the largest fields of study across the globe. It is of concern to citizens and parents, politicians and policymakers, educators and scholars. The ORE of Education provides thorough and balanced syntheses of what is known, what is disputed, and what is in progress in education research. The syntheses will be gateways to new domains of inquiry, providing provocative ideas and incisive critiques as well as addressing the broad controversies that mark education. The ORE of Education will be the singular resource for access to all that is known and all that is being thought in and about education.

“The digital format of the ORE of Education enables continuously revisable articles so that there will be minimal lag between primary research and the syntheses provided in the Encyclopedia. It is a resource that invites repeated perusal. As a born-digital resource, the Encyclopedia is able to offer multimedia content both in terms of providing substantive videos and audio recordings as well as cross-links that are embedded so that readers can follow a point across the ORE of Education, Oxford University Press’s other scholarly resources, and the wider literature to discern novel connections or digressions. The ORE of Education enables the development of definitive understandings as well as the creative exploration of ideas.”

George W. Noblit, PhD
Joseph R. Neikirk Distinguished Professor of Sociology of Education
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education is available to access via the Databases A-Z and iDiscover (from 1st April).


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