British Small Animal Veterinary Association Library : access until 30th May 2020

The British Small Animal Veterinary Association Library is available to access until 30th May 2020.

Please send any feedback about this library via the online form.

BSAVA publishes a world-renowned series of manuals that provide a comprehensive dataset of chapters covering small animal clinical practice. Many of the chapters and books cross-refer to each other and the content of each manual is designed in the context of other existing titles in the series.

BSAVA’s publications are available at the granularity of chapter, article, drug entry, client leaflet, congress lecture summary and so on. A search will show everything that is relevant to your enquiry – whether from a manual, a Companion article or a Congress lecture.

Each item has been ‘tagged’ where appropriate to help you easily find material on particular clinical topics or animals, or content that is aimed at a particular audience such as practice managers or has a focus such as professional and personal development.

The Library has been designed to be simple and intuitive and is ‘responsive’ so that it will work easily on mobile devices as well as computers.

Key resources include:

BSAVA manuals


Congress lectures


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