Oxford Handbooks Online Criminology & Criminal Justice : access until 31st May 2020

Access to the Oxford Handbooks on Criminology and Criminal Justice is now available until 31st May 2020.

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Criminology was classically described by Edwin Sutherland, one of its American pioneers, as the study of “the making, the breaking, and the enforcement of criminal laws.” More recently, the subject has split into criminology, the study of the causes of crime, and criminal justice, the study of the institutions and processes involved in the enforcement of the criminal law. The scope is interdisciplinary, ranging across the behavioral and social sciences and the humanities from biology and neurology through sociology, psychology, and political science to literature, history, and philosophy. Most criminology and criminal justice departments and schools were established in the 1970s or later, though many hundreds of such departments now exist. Much writing and research go on, however, in other disciplines and departments as well as the more specialized programs. Contemporary scholarship ranges across time from historical studies of crime in the Middle Ages through content and discourse analyses of newspapers, television, film, and fiction, and across subjects from brain-scans to meta-ethics.

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