Oxford Handbooks Online Physical Sciences : access until 31st May 2020

The Oxford Handbooks Online Physical Sciences collection is now available to access until 31st May 2020.

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The Physical Sciences, comprising the disciplines of chemistry, physics, astronomy, and earth science, and underpinned by the language of mathematics, constitute our study of the non-living natural world. Oxford Handbooks Online in Physical Sciences presents a range of critical scholarly perspectives in these traditionally defined fields, and introduces cutting-edge interdisciplinary scholarship in areas as diverse as food science, climate science, natural hazard science, materials science, technology, and the history of science. The articles are designed particularly for use by advanced students and researchers who are looking for analytical reviews of current research and applications in their own fields of study, or as a starting point for further exploration of new or adjacent disciplines.

Image credit: ‘Discovery of the Elusive Top Quark’ by Berkeley Lab on Flickr – https://flic.kr/p/5iLLqw

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