Trial access to new text mining tool : Readex Text Explorer (access until 30 June 2020)

University of Cambridge registered students and staff now have access to a new text and data mining tool from Readex called ‘Readex Text Explorer‘. This tool can be used to text mine three new collections (see below) until 30 June 2020.

Please send your feedback using this online form.

The three new collections on trial are:

American Sermons

This database covers a range of topics such as slavery and abolition, crime and sin, theology and religion, women and children, clerical and government leaders, holidays, entertainment and rites.

American Childrens Books

This database covers many topical categories such as education, race and ethnicity, conduct and manners, literary characters, labor, death and mortality, natural history and religion.

Native American Indians

This database covers many topics such as Native American displacement, literature, relations with pioneers and the government, tribes and nations, languages and treaties.


The Readex Text Explorer is a tool Readex has been developing which includes Voyant at its core, but the entire workflow—from text selection forward—is custom-built for Readex.  It allows users to:

  • find texts
  • choose texts to create a corpus/sample set
  • run exploration/analysis scripts against the corpus
  • change and revise the corpus on demand
  • export the results


How to use this tool on the Native American Indians database:

  • Open the database
  • Search in Suggested Searches on Wars and Conflicts
  • Narrow to French and Indian War
  • Select the first ten texts
  • View Snapshot
  • Reveal most common terms (use either Cirrus or Terms view in upper left panel)
  • Draw initial conclusions about most common concerns reflected in this corpus (land, water, people, Britain, France)
  • Change text views to modify exploration (eg, by phrase, or document, etc.)
  • Change Visualizations
  • Change Segmentations
  • Export your work

More information about this tool is available here.


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