New e-resource: RRIMO (Recent Researches in Music)

RRIMO (Recent Researches in Music) (comprising: Recent Researches in Music Online July 2020 thru June 2021; Recent Researches in Music Online Books 2018 to current; Recent Researches in Music Online Legacy) is now available to for members of the University of Cambridge to access.

Recent Researches in Music Online: Online access to all titles published in 2018 and later in the seven Recent Researches in Music series: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, 19th/20th centuries, American (including MUSA), and Oral Traditions. Publication rate is 15–20 new titles per year (≈ 4000 pages). Online titles will be available at the same time as the print publication.

A-R Editions’ rich history stretches back to Yale University, 1962, when two former college roommates—Gary Aamodt and Clyde Rykken (the A and the R of A-R Editions)—had the vision to create a publishing outlet for the research of musicologists who had come to the U.S. after World War II. Thus began the Recent Researches in Music concept—to publish modern, well-edited editions of outstanding music from the past.

A-R Editions has published Recent Researches in Music—critical performing editions of music in seven series. The series fall into two basic categories: editions that span the history of Western music, and editions with ties to specific cultural milieus. Most editions in Recent Researches in Music are devoted to works by a single composer or in a single genre.

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East View China and Taiwan databases : access until 30th September 2020

University of Cambridge members now have access to five databases from the East View until 30th September 2020.

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Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese Newspapers

The first half of the twentieth century began with the demise of China’s last imperial dynasty, the Great Qing, and ended with the foundation of the People’s Republic of China in October 1949. Following the 1912 establishment of China’s first post-imperial government, the Republic of China, the country experienced both industrial and social revolution, a civil war during which communist and nationalist forces battled to shape the country’s future, and looming external threats during both world wars.

The Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese Newspapers collection provides invaluable perspective on this critical period. The press of more than twenty cities is represented, spanning the Chinese mainland and the entire half century. The collection provides researchers a richly comprehensive perspective on Chinese life, culture, and politics throughout the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, the years of provisional government and civil war, and the birth of the People’s Republic.

China Economy, Public Policy and Security Database (EB-PISHU)

‘Pishu’ (皮书, which literally means ‘cover-books’) are high-value analytical reports intended to guide policymaking in the People’s Republic of China. Pishu are published by the prestigious Social Sciences Academic Press, a branch of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. These reports feature exclusive research and analysis by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and authors from similar institutions, and present objective analysis versus official government messaging on strategic issues. In China, Pishu are consumed by think tanks and top policymakers. Covered topics include a variety of issues of importance to China’s government and research community, including international relations, agricultural policy, and industry competitiveness. They may be considered somewhat analagous to United States Congressional Research Service reports and analysis reports published by the RAND Corporation.

Taiwan Academic Classics from United Digital Publications Co. Ltd. (UDP)

Based on Taiwanese scholars’ viewpoints, Taiwan Academic Classics proudly offers classic works from China/Taiwan and contemporary scholarly thought from academic societies in Taiwan to sinologists around the World, uniting the classics from Earth’s oldest continuous civilization and unfettered Chinese scholarly thought. Taiwan Academic Classics (TAC) focuses on Humanities and Social Sciences, the former is acclaimed as the most beautiful scenery of Taiwan, while the latter represents the broadest outlook worldwide to go deep into contemporary China and sinology. As a federated search platform, TAC incorporates full text searchable Web access to core journals from 1928 to the present with ancient compilations from China’s earliest Dynasties. Half the core journals had been selected in the list of excellent journals, THCI (Taiwan Humanities Citation Index) and TSSCI (Taiwan Social Sciences Citation Index) evaluated by Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology, the most creditable official institution on ranking superior journals in Taiwan, while the other half are exclusively authoritative archives, historical data, and distinguished magazines that can be enjoyed by scholars and lay-people alike (such as Zhuanji Wenxue Magazine, Modern China Magazine, Lionart Magazine, etc.).

The Current Digest of the Chinese Press

Each week, The Current Digest of the Chinese Press presents the reader with a digestible collection of Chinese press materials, all in English. Selected articles cover a wide variety of topics, such as politics, international relations, security, economics, business, public health, environment, education, culture and more. The Current Digest’s mission is to provide the reader with a comprehensive, broad picture of the news published in China, be it domestic, international or related to other states of the Asia Pacific region.

Jiefangjun Bao Digital Archive

The PLA Daily, which started its publication on January 1, 1956, is the authoritative media of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to release military news and comprehensive military-related information and is the official newspaper of the Central Military Commission.

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Chinese Studies Databases : access until 24 September 2020

University of Cambridge members now have access to three databases from the China International Book Trading Corporation until 24 September 2020.

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China Modern Image Database

Database of photographs covering modern Chinese history.

Chinese Social Science Yearbook Database

Database of statistical data in China.

Chinese Social Science Library (CSSL)

Full-text database covering a range of topics in Chinese social sciences including philosophy, religion, history, archaeology, literature, art, economics and politics.


Also available to access via the Databases A-Z.

Zeitschrift fur Religionswissenschaft

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : Zeitschrift fur Religionswissenschaft


From the Walter de Gruyter website:

“Commissioned by the German Association for the Study of Religions, the Zeitschrift für Religionswissenschaft (Journal of Religious Studies) provides a forum for debates about important topics, questions, theories, and methods in the study of religion. The articles discuss theoretical problems on the basis of historical or contemporary examples from any region of the world. Due to their comparative perspective they contribute substantially to the disciplinary discourse in the study of religion and its neighboring disciplines.”

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from volume 1 (1993) to present.

Access the Zeitschrift fur Religionswissenschaft via the ejournals@cambridge A-Z or at this link.

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New e-resource: British Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS): Collections on the advancement of science 1830-1970

The British Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS): Collections on the advancement of science 1830-1970 is now available to for members of the University of Cambridge to access.

The British Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS) was founded in 1831. The Association was created to promote the advancement of science in all its aspects. Its main aim was to improve the perception of science and scientists in the UK.

Wiley Digital Archives: British Association for the Advancement of Science (Collections on the History of Science: 1830-1970)

The BAAS archive from Wiley Digital Archives contains an aggregation of collections from the BAAS and from archival collections related to the BAAS, contributed by various institutions across the United Kingdom.

The BAAS Collection

The BAAS collection documents the efforts of the British scientific community to establish science as a professional activity and make Britain into a globally competitive centre for science.

Many of the prominent names of British science since the early 19th century are associated with the BAAS. These include past Presidents such as William Ramsay; Norman Lockyer; John Scott Burden Sanderson; Albert, Prince Consort; Charles Lyell; William Fairbairn; Thomas Henry Huxley; and Oliver Lodge.

The BAAS collection contains a broad collection of document types: reports, manuscript materials, newspaper clippings, photographs, brochures and catalogues; field reports and minutes; annual reports.

WDA: BAAS includes reports; fieldnotes, correspondence and diaries; grey literature; photographs, artwork and illustrations; journal manuscripts; photographs; proceedings, lectures, and ephemera.

The collection spans a wide variety of interdisciplinary research areas, and supports educational needs in a broad range of subjects and disciplines including the History of Science, Life Sciences; Physical Sciences; Mathematics; Engineering; Area Studies; Colonial, Post-Colonial & Decolonisation Studies; Development Studies; Environmental Degradation; Historical Sociology; Geology; International Relations; Trade and Commerce, and Law and Policy relating to Science.

Text taken from the Wiley platform.

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Edinburgh University Press journals collection : access until 31st December 2020

All 63 Edinburgh University Press journals (back to 2000) are now available to access until 31st December 2020 as a trial resource.

If you would like to send your feedback about any of these journals you can do so via the online form. Feedback will be used to help decide on new eresource acquisitions.

We have subscription to 27 University of Edinburgh Press journals and now have access from 2000 to present (for the journals that include volumes back to 2000) to all 63 titles available from the publisher.

Links to all the additional journals, and their articles, will be added to iDiscover shortly.

Journals that have been added include:

Journal of Victorian Culture (2000 to present)

Global Energy Law and Sustainability (2020 (volume 1))

Britain and the World (2008 to present)

Northern Scotland (2000 to present )

Word Structures (2008 to present)

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Access to East View eresources extended to the end of September


Good news – East View have generously extended trial access for Cambridge staff and students to the Rossiiskaia gazeta and Novaia gazeta ejournal backfiles and to the Essential Russian Classics eBook Collection until 30 September 2020.

For more information about these resources, please see this blog post which dates from when they first became available to us:

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RetroNews : access until 1st September 2020

RetroNews is now available to access until 1st September 2020 as a trial resource.

If you would like to send your feedback about this resource you can do so via the online form. Feedback will be used to help decide on new eresource acquisitions.

RetroNews, the National Library of France’s press site, gives free and open access to 700 press titles published between 1631 and 1950. In addition to the resources on Gallica, RetroNews is both a digital space for consulting archives , a research tool and a magazine for all giving to discover the history by the press archives.

Created in 2012 to increase the pace of the digitization of the BnF and make digitized documents more accessible, BnF-Partenariats designed and implemented, with the initial support of the National Fund for the Digital Society, a new entirely dedicated online service to the old press: .

With RetroNews, everyone can consult all the press titles, short articles or videos for free and without registration. The site also offers subscribers exclusive editorial content (audio version, long formats, documentations on the history of the press), as well as advanced functionalities and expert search tools indicated by a specific color code. The revenues generated by RetroNews through subscriptions make it possible to digitize new newspapers and continuously enrich the site.

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New e-resource: Bloomsbury International Encyclopedia of Surrealism

Cambridge University Library is delighted to inform University members now have access to the new online reference work Bloomsbury International Encyclopedia of Surrealism at the following URL.

The encyclopedia is listed in the Cambridge Libraries Databases A-Z.  As this is a new resource launched on 27 July 2020 there is no record yet in iDiscover.  We are working on providing a record for it shortly.

Bloomsbury International Encyclopedia of Surrealism is an exclusive digital resource presenting the first comprehensive and systematic overview of one of the most influential and enduring 20th-century art movements, from its beginnings to the present day.

Featuring a 3-volume major reference work, interactive timeline and rare archive images, portraits and artworks, this resource will be invaluable for academics and students in Art History/Theory, French Studies, Film Studies, Literary Studies, Photography and Visual Culture as well as Design/Fashion, Cultural History and Social/Cultural/Political Theory.

Content Highlights

  • 200 Survey Articles covering national surrealist movements; related artistic and intellectual movements; key journals, patrons and collections; detailed overviews of surrealism’s influence across the visual, applied and performing arts; and analyses of the key concepts which underpin surrealist theory and practice.
  • 500 A-Z articles covering the major and minor theorists, critics, novelists, poets, playwrights, screenwriters, painters, collagists, object-makers, sculptors, and filmmakers.
  • 500 rare and archive documentary images, portraits, and artworks.
  • An interactive timeline from 1917 to present day that allows users to explore Surrealism by country, theme, period, media, as well as by individual surrealists.

Anonymous. Theo and Nelly van Doesburg in the studio on Rue du Moulin Vert, Paris. 1923. From Periszkop, vol. 1, nr. 4 (1925).

Culture, Health and Sexuality

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : Culture, Health and Sexuality

From the Taylor & Francis website:

Culture, Health & Sexuality  publishes internationally relevant, cutting edge research on culture, health and sexuality.

“Culture, Health & Sexuality  covers the following topics:

  • Culture, sexuality and health, health systems and beliefs, social structures and divisions, and the implications for these for sexual health and wellbeing
  • Sexual and reproductive health of individuals, communities and populations
  • STIs, HIV and other sexual/reproductive health problems
  • Positive dimensions of sexual health, including pleasure, reciprocity and sexual fulfilment
  • Sexual and gender inequality and health, including the health and well-being of sexual and gender minorities, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and new forms of sexual expression and desire
  • Policy and practice dimensions of research on sexuality, culture and health, sexual and gender inequality and health, and sexual and gender violence.”

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from volume 1 (1999) to present.

Access the Culture, Health and Sexuality via the ejournals@cambridge A-Z or at this link.