New e-resource: RRIMO (Recent Researches in Music)

RRIMO (Recent Researches in Music) (comprising: Recent Researches in Music Online July 2020 thru June 2021; Recent Researches in Music Online Books 2018 to current; Recent Researches in Music Online Legacy) is now available to for members of the University of Cambridge to access.

Recent Researches in Music Online: Online access to all titles published in 2018 and later in the seven Recent Researches in Music series: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, 19th/20th centuries, American (including MUSA), and Oral Traditions. Publication rate is 15–20 new titles per year (≈ 4000 pages). Online titles will be available at the same time as the print publication.

A-R Editions’ rich history stretches back to Yale University, 1962, when two former college roommates—Gary Aamodt and Clyde Rykken (the A and the R of A-R Editions)—had the vision to create a publishing outlet for the research of musicologists who had come to the U.S. after World War II. Thus began the Recent Researches in Music concept—to publish modern, well-edited editions of outstanding music from the past.

A-R Editions has published Recent Researches in Music—critical performing editions of music in seven series. The series fall into two basic categories: editions that span the history of Western music, and editions with ties to specific cultural milieus. Most editions in Recent Researches in Music are devoted to works by a single composer or in a single genre.

Image credits: ‘Baroque’ by Steeve E. –

‘Hypnotic Brass Ensemble’ by Felipe Lima on Flickr –

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