Cumhuriyet Digital Archive Trial

The full-image/full-text digital archive of Cumhuriyet — Turkey’s oldest daily and leading opposition newspaper — is now available as part of the East View Global Press Archive.

Access is available for a limited trial period up to 25 December 2020 via this link.

Established in 1924 as the founding newspaper of the Turkish Republic, Cumhuriyet has stood witness to the changing landscape of Turkey’s political, social, and economic environment. Despite the challenges over the past 95 years, the institution of Cumhuriyet has sustained its coverage of domestic and international news, providing critical documentation of Turkey’s dynamic history and its relations with the global community.

The Cumhuriyet digital archive offered by East View is browsable and searchable, with full page-level digitization of original graphics and text (including advertisements). This archive offers scholars the most comprehensive collection available for this title, with more than 14,000 issues from 1980-2019 at present. It will include all known available issues once complete and grow with new content added each year.

Please send us feedback on this trial via this feedback form. Thank you.

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