New e-resources: AIAA Meeting Papers Current; AIAA Meeting Papers 1923-2017; SciTech Forum Papers

Availability of the latest information is key to aeronautical research & teaching in the University

Cambridge University now has access to the current as well as the archive of the papers of the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA). Every year, AIAA publishes approximately 5,000 papers from AIAA’s Forums and supported conferences. Covering every aspect of aerospace, they represent the most important — and most complete — source of recent research results and innovative thinking in everything from engineering and science to policy and standards. A complete archive, researchers have access to historical first papers published by AIAA in 1923 through current year.

AIAA meeting papers provide information on aerospace technology, engineering, and science. They include the most important developments and the latest research in air and space history. This is the key resource through which research groups in aeronautical/aerospace/mechanical engineering, especially from the US, disseminate their research through AIAA conferences. 

The AIAA papers will provide access to unique content of importance to the research undertaken by the Department of Engineering. This new online resource has been made available through special funding provided by the University to support teaching and learning impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and the unavailability of library resources on campus.

For more information on resources for Engineering visit the Engineering Sciences LibGuide.

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