How to use eresources@cambridge: #10 Getting full access to articles that are not in our eresource collections

If you need an article and we do not have access to it via our ejournal subscriptions you will still be able to get access to the article through your libraries.

Here are the steps can you take to get access

  1. browser plug-ins and Open Access
  2. print copy and Scan & Deliver
  3. Inter-Library Loans/Document Delivery

You can complete these steps without necessarily having to visit a library building, but still making use of the library print collections and zero-contact services.

  1. Browser Plug-ins and Open Access

With the help of browser plug-ins you can search our eresource holdings and Open Access (OA) versions or articles automatically when you visit a publisher website.

Full details of the browser plug-ins are available from Search & Discovery pages.

LibKey Nomad directs you to the website where you would have subscription access to an article and offers Open Access alternatives, if full text access isn’t available, and an open access version is.

2. Print journals and Scan & Deliver

If there is no paid or OA version of the article available electronically we recommend checking for a print copy of the journal on iDiscover. If the journal is available in print, and the library that holds the copy is open, holds the volume you need and offers the service, you can arrange to use the Scan & Deliver service to have a scan of the article emailed to you at no charge.

Members of the University of Cambridge can request Scan & Deliver online.

The University Library currently offers this service for print and Electronic Legal Deposit material (ELD is only available as print outs and there is a £2 charge). The Betty & Gordon  Moore Library  also offers a Scan & Deliver service for their print collection.

Please check with your Faculty or Department Library for details of the services they are currently providing.

3. Inter-Library Loans/Document Delivery

If the article you need is not available electronically or in print in any of our libraries collections you should be able to get hold of a copy via the Inter-Library Loans and Document Delivery teams. If an electronic copy of an article is available from any partnering institution it will be provided to you as a PDF.

A list of the teams providing these services is available.

The Inter-Library Loans team at the University Library are currently able to provide this service for free to members of the University of Cambridge.

You should now have a copy of the article you need. If you don’t, you can contact the author of the article and they may share a copy with you. The majority of publishers permit the author to “responsibly share” their own publications which means that the author can share the published version of the article privately with colleagues in academia for the colleague’s personal (reading) use.

If our holdings state that we should have access but you experience any difficulties then please contact the Electronic Collection Management helpdesk or visit our help pages.

If we do not have a subscription to a title you complete the recommendation form. Please include a reason for recommendation:

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