New eresource : Box of Broadcasts (Learning on Screen)

Box of Broadcasts, from Learning on Screen, is available to access via Shibboleth (institutional) log-in. You will need to go to ‘sign in’, search for ‘University of Cambridge’ in the where are you from box, sign in with Raven and then follow the instructions to create an account.

Access is only available within the UK to everything apart from the BBC news reports.

BoB searches the title, metadata and transcripts as well as the broadcast data of upcoming programmes.

To search for content, click on the ‘search’ button at the top of the page. You can search for individual programmes by entering your keywords and clicking the search icon. You can also use the tick box filters under ‘search options’ to adjust your search to precise specifications.

You can also use ‘AND’, ‘OR’, and ‘NOT’ search language to find the content you need. For example, if you need to find a film or TV adaption of the novel Frankenstein, you can search for: ‘Frankenstein’ AND ‘adaption’.

Quick guidance to using BoB:

  • You may: watch & listen to streamed* video/audio for educational and non-commercial use only within the United Kingdom; share and embed programmes, clips and playlists with other authorised users (any embedded videos must always acknowledge the source and title of the programme and the ERA licensing scheme – see text under each video on BoB).
  • You may not: make copies of the video/audio content; use the programmes for non-educational or for commercial use; alter or adapt the programmes apart from simple clip creation; use BoB from outside the United Kingdom; share your personal login credentials with others or make defamatory or abusive comments.

Video guides are available to help you with access to the site.

Learning on Screen provide a number of training courses with advice on making videos available for teaching as well as a number of teaching aids.

In order to use BoB you need to have a modern browser installed. Recommended browsers are:

  • Internet Explorer 11 – Windows 8 (and above)
  • Edge 12 (or later)
  • Mozilla Firefox 44 (or later)
  • Safari 8 (or later)
  • Google Chrome 49 (or later)

Earlier versions of these browsers may work but are not supported.

Text taken from the B.O.B.platform.

Terms and Conditions of use are available.

Image credits:

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

‘Help’ by Bart Maguire on Flickr –

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