Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database : access until 21 March 2021

Cambridge University members have temporary access to the Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database until 21 March 2021.

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Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database (Classics) – 中华经典古籍库(1-7)

Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database (Inscription 1) – 中华石刻数据库-宋代墓志铭数据库·初编

Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database (Inscription 3) – 中华石刻数据库-三晋石刻大全数据库

Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database (Inscription 4) – 中华石刻数据库-汉魏六朝碑刻数据库

Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database (Inscription 5) – 中华石刻数据库-唐代墓志铭数据库·初编

Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database (Bibliography) – 中华古籍书目数据库

Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database (Reference) – 中华文史工具书数据库(一期)(二期)   

Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database (Academic) – 中华文史学术论著库

Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database (Chinese Medicine)- 中华善本古籍数据库-海外中医古籍库 

Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database (Southwest) – 西南联大专题数据库

Chinese Classic Ancient Books Databases (Examination) – 历代进士登科数据库

Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database (Literature) – 籍合文库     

Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database (Calligraphy) – 中华书法数据库

Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database (Buddhism) – 历代教外涉佛文献数据库

Please also note that access to the TEPS (Taiwan Electronic Periodical Services) database is now restored until 30 June:

These resources are also available to access via the Databases A-Z.

Springer Mathematics and Statistics Archive

We are delighted to announce that Cambridge University Libraries has acquired the Springer Mathematics and Statistics Archive in perpetuity. 

The yellow Springer maths books are a striking feature of any library, and this acquisition gives us access to the complete back catalogue from the 1800s up until 2005. Our analysis of Springer electronic books usage showed that at least half the books requested are for this older material.

This collection includes both the Grundlehren series, arguably one of the most important sources in early 20th century mathematics, and the influential Ergebnisse series from the 1930s. 

The archive also contains the entire series of Lecture Notes in Mathematics, the production of this series revolutionised mathematics publishing by introducing camera-ready printing of typewritten manuscripts thus speeding up the dissemination of mathematics. 

Applied Mathematical Sciences monographs is also included, and contains many of Springer’s most cited mathematics books. 

It is possible for readers to request a ‘print on demand’ soft-backed version of any the volumes contained in the collection for £24.99.

We are sure that this purchase will bring a very real benefit to mathematicians and other scientists working in the University of Cambridge.

You can access the 7,000+ titles via iDiscover or as a collection through the Cambridge University Libraries A-Z or direct at this link.

China Comprehensive Gazetteers + Taiwan Academic Classics : access until 30 March 2021

Cambridge University members have temporary access to two new Chinese databases until 30 March 2021.

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China Comprehensive Gazetteers (中國綜合方誌庫):

This historically significant collection of difangzhi (地方志) contains unique primary sources on Chinese history. The source of the original materials is the collection at the National Library of China, whose holdings are extensive and often unique.



Taiwan Academic Classics:

This database offers classic works from China/Taiwan and contemporary scholarly thought from academic societies in Taiwan and around the world.


British Online Archives – trial access added to supplement our new collections extended to 31st March

Cambridge University has acquired new collections of digitized archives from British Archives Online (BOA), details of these collections can be found at near the end of this post.

As part of their response to COVID-19, British Online Archives (BOA) has provided additional free access to their entire database of digital primary resources until 31st March to supplement our new acquisitions.

Their website hosts over 4 million records drawn from both private and public archives. These records are organised thematically, covering 1,000 years of world history, and are of use to undergraduate students and experienced academics alike.

Themes include:

Acquired Collections

The following digital archives have been made available through special funding provided by the University to support teaching and learning impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and the unavailability of library resources on campus.

The 8 digital archives can be found on this page or separately via the links with collection level descriptions below.

Antigua, slavery and emancipation in the records of a sugar plantation 1689-1907

Apartheid through the eyes of South African Political Parties 1948-1994

Caribbean colonial statistics from the British Empire, 1824-1950

Colonial Africa in official statistics 1821-1953

India, Uprising and Reform 1879-1910 in the records of the Governor-General

Indian Communists and Trade Unionists: the Meerut Conspiracy 1929-1933

Slavery, Advocacy and Opposition 1675-1865

World News in Indian newspapers 1782-1908

Image credits:

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

‘Clare College Cambridge’ by Mark Seton on Flickr –

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

British Library 19th Century Collection now freely accessible on Historical Texts

The British Library 19th Century Collection is now freely available to search on the JISC Historical Texts platform.

We do not have a direct link to the collection on Historical Texts, but you can use this link to browse the collection using the Advanced Search function.

In partnership with Microsoft, the British Library has digitised, and made freely available under Public Domain Mark, over 60,000 volumes (around 25 million pages) of out of copyright 18th & 19th century texts. Items within this collection cover a wide range of subject areas including geography, philosophy, history, poetry and literature and are published in a variety of languages.

A title list for the collection is available to download.

This presentation given by Adrian Edwards, Lead Curator Printed Historical Sources, provides an overview of the selection process that shaped this digitisation.

Titles in the collection include:

Wives and daughters. An every-day story … With eighteen illustrations by George Du Maurier. volume 1 and volume 2 by Elizabeth Gaskell

The Nautical Gazetteer; or, Dictionary of maritime geography, etc. by Henry Hurst, etc.

Notes of a Two Years Residence in Italy by Hamilton Gaele

Descriptive and historical notices of some remarkable Northumbrian Castles, Churches and Antiquities, in a series of visits to the ruined Priory of Finchale, the Abbey Church of Hexham, etc. With biographical notices of eminent persons. Series 1. by William Sidney Gibson

Royal Geographical Society & Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland digital archives : access until 16 March 2021

In addition to the British Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS) digital archive access, Cambridge University members have temporary access to the Royal Geographical Society and Royal Anthropological Institute digital archives via the Wiley Online Archives platform.

Access is available until 16th March 2021.

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Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) archive

Royal Geographical Society (with Institute of British Geographers) was founded in 1830. The learned Society promotes the advancement of geographical science in all its aspects. The Society’s archive contains vast collections of documents, maps, photographs, expedition reports, manuscript materials and books, and span 500 years of geography, travel and exploration. The RGS holds one of the largest private map collections in the world. It includes one million sheets of maps and charts, 3000 atlases, 40 globes (as gores or mounted on stands) and 1000 gazetteers. The earliest printed cartographic item dates back to 1485.

The Archive includes Maps, Atlases, Charts and Plans; Expedition Reports; Fieldnotes, Correspondence and Diaries; Grey Literature; Photographs, Artwork and Illustrations; Journal Manuscripts; Photographs; Proceedings, Lectures, and Ephemera. The collection spans a wide variety of interdisciplinary research areas, and supports educational needs in Anthropology, Area Studies; Cartography and Visualizations, Colonial, Post-Colonial & Decolonisation Studies; Development Studies; Environmental Degradation; Historical & Cultural Geography; Historical Sociology; Human Geography; Identity, Gender & Ethnic Studies; Geology; International Relations; Trade and Commerce, and Law and Policy relating to Colonization.

Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland archive

The Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (RAI) is the world’s longest-established scholarly association dedicated to the furtherance of anthropology (the study of humankind) in its broadest and most inclusive sense.

This archive includes maps, photographs and manuscripts.

LGBTQ Archives of sexuality & gender

Cambridge University Library is delighted to announce the acquisition of the LGBTQ Archives of Sexuality and Gender. Acquiring the archives has been made possible thanks to funding from the University to support teaching, learning, and research in the history of sex, sexuality, and gender.

Access the LGBTQ Archives of Sexuality and Gender.

The archives offer a significant collection of primary sources for the historical study of sex, sexuality, and gender. With material dating back to the sixteenth century, researchers and scholars can examine how sexual norms have changed over time, health and hygiene, the development of sex education, the rise of sexology, changing gender roles, social movements and activism, erotica, and many other interesting topical areas. This growing archival program offers rich research opportunities across a wide span of human history. Read more about the content of each part of the archives on the following pages:-

We are delighted that Tom English from Gale will be introducing the archives via a webinar on 23 February at 11:00 – 11:45 AM and giving an overview of the material within the series, as well as insight into how to make the most of it through Gale’s powerful research platforms. The webinar will cover content in the archives, including documentation of the social, political, health and legal issues impacting LGBTQ communities around the world, as well as rare and unique books on sex and sexuality from the sciences to the humanities.

Location: Online via Zoom here:

Meeting ID: 924 1346 4284

Further promotional materials for librarians and users of the archives are available via the following links:

All videos playlist

Individual video links

Visit the Cambridge University Libraries LGBTQ+ LibGuide for more resources in LGBTQ+ studies.

SAGE Research Methods Online : Video, Cases, & Datasets – trial extended to 14 March 2021

Trial access to the Video, Cases, and Datasets collections on the SAGE Research Methods Online platform has been extended to 14 March 2021.

Access is enabled via the Cambridge Libraries Eresources A-Z or directly via this link.

For a nifty neat introduction to the video, cases & datasets see the LibGuide on SRMO and the guide’s individual pages on the video, cases and datasets. There is a User guide and content lists available here.

Please tell us what you think about these resources by completing the feedback form here. Thank you.

Daily Star Archive added to the UK Press Online

The Daily Star Archive is now available to members of the University of Cambridge as part of UK Press Online.

The Daily Star Archive archive is a fully searchable database of the newspaper. Here you can view, download and print pages from Daily Star newspaper dating back to 2000. The Daily Star Sunday is also available, complete from 2002.

The ukpressonline database is a spectacular resource for historians, publishers and the public – anyone who wants to explore history as seen by the reporters and commentators who were there.

With every page available in thumbnail, small preview, full-size view and ready-to-print PDF with live text, and page-by-page browse of editions, this is one of the easiest on-line newspaper archives to explore.

Anyone can search by name, word or by date for free, to view all available thumbnails; with a free registration, you can use the Advanced Search; with a subscription to an archive, you can view, download and print pages at full size.

You can find a newspaper from an important date – which could be your birthday. (If you want to know what happened on the day you were born, search the day after your birthday.) Or search for all editions covering your chosen topic, team or personality’s greatest moments.

Access via the A-Z Databases, the Newspapers LibGuide, or the Newspapers website.

Text from the Archive website.

New e-resource: Exeter Medieval Online

Now online for University of Cambridge members, Exeter Medieval Online comprises all existing and newly published books in the printed series Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies and Exeter Studies in Medieval Europe.

The acclaimed Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies series makes a significant contribution to modern scholarship in the field of medieval and early Tudor studies by publishing high-quality new or revised scholarly editions and translations of important texts, and by making available critical and contextual studies by leading scholars in the field. It also publishes innovative work on the History of the Book in medieval Britain.

Exeter Studies in Medieval Europe explores the history of societies, culture, the arts and the environment in the Middle Ages. Complementing the renowned Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies series, it has a chronological range of c. 500-1500, a broad European focus and a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Access via the Cambridge University Libraries E-resources A-Z. Titles are in the process of being added to iDiscover.

First page of The Wanderer from the Exeter Book