New e-resource: Exeter Medieval Online

Now online for University of Cambridge members, Exeter Medieval Online comprises all existing and newly published books in the printed series Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies and Exeter Studies in Medieval Europe.

The acclaimed Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies series makes a significant contribution to modern scholarship in the field of medieval and early Tudor studies by publishing high-quality new or revised scholarly editions and translations of important texts, and by making available critical and contextual studies by leading scholars in the field. It also publishes innovative work on the History of the Book in medieval Britain.

Exeter Studies in Medieval Europe explores the history of societies, culture, the arts and the environment in the Middle Ages. Complementing the renowned Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies series, it has a chronological range of c. 500-1500, a broad European focus and a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Access via the Cambridge University Libraries E-resources A-Z. Titles are in the process of being added to iDiscover.

First page of The Wanderer from the Exeter Book

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