Springer Mathematics and Statistics Archive

We are delighted to announce that Cambridge University Libraries has acquired the Springer Mathematics and Statistics Archive in perpetuity. 

The yellow Springer maths books are a striking feature of any library, and this acquisition gives us access to the complete back catalogue from the 1800s up until 2005. Our analysis of Springer electronic books usage showed that at least half the books requested are for this older material.

This collection includes both the Grundlehren series, arguably one of the most important sources in early 20th century mathematics, and the influential Ergebnisse series from the 1930s. 

The archive also contains the entire series of Lecture Notes in Mathematics, the production of this series revolutionised mathematics publishing by introducing camera-ready printing of typewritten manuscripts thus speeding up the dissemination of mathematics. 

Applied Mathematical Sciences monographs is also included, and contains many of Springer’s most cited mathematics books. 

It is possible for readers to request a ‘print on demand’ soft-backed version of any the volumes contained in the collection for £24.99.

We are sure that this purchase will bring a very real benefit to mathematicians and other scientists working in the University of Cambridge.

You can access the 7,000+ titles via iDiscover or as a collection through the Cambridge University Libraries A-Z or direct at this link.

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