New Iranian online journals & books, uniquely available at Cambridge University Libraries

We are delighted to announce: The Department for Near and Middle Eastern Studies at Cambridge University Library has purchased an annual subscription to two Iranian full text searchable e-resources launched by Noorsoft of the Computer Research Centre of Islamic Sciences (CRCIS) accessible to members of Cambridge University from September 2021.

Noormags contains about  2216 journal titles, 92795 journal issues, 1322750 articles, 21 subjects, and 524538 authors and these numbers are growing gradually every month.

The journals on the website are categorized into twenty one subjects: social sciences, law, history, geography, economy, language and literature, political sciences, management, psychology, library and information sciences, art and architecture, philosophy and theology, the Qur’an and Hadith, Fiqh and usul (Islamic jurisprudence and its principles), physical education, ethics, religions, educational sciences, accounting, health and interdisciplinary.

The articles available on the website can be downloaded in both HTML and PDF formats in full text and full image.

NoorLib is a full text searchable library of e-books mainly in Arabic and Persian containing 48163 titles in 70695 volumes (by 30327 authors) on the humanities, Islamic sciences, social sciences and more.

Dr Assef Ashraf has commented on the content:

“For what it’s worth, my own view is that these are excellent resources. I have used both extensively in my research. They provide access to difficult-to-obtain and in many cases quite important journal articles and primary sources, among other things. Noormags, for instance, has back issues of pre-revolutionary historical journals like Bar’risi-ha-ye tarikhiYaghma, and Yadigar, not to mention post-1979 journals, that have published rare sources. So they are well worth exploring.”

NoorMags and NoorLib are available via the Cambridge University Libraries A-Z of eresources or directly via the following links:

NoorLib Digital Library


Davoodjalali1365, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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