Database of the Tokyo Trials literature : trial access

Access is enabled for Cambridge University members to the Tokyo Trial resource here.

Access continues to 28 February 2022.

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This is a full text searchable database of documents covering the Tokyo Trials of World War II Japanese war criminals, collected from sources around the world. The database includes transcripts of the proceedings of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, court exhibits of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, transcripts of the interrogations by the prosecutors, historical photos, and relevant audio-visual resources.

By The Occupation administration –, Public Domain,

British Online Archives – access all collections

From 1 February 2022 Cambridge University members will have access initially for 30 days to all the digital archives on the British Online Archives platform.

The collections can be accessed on campus here or off campus here.

These primary source collections cover a diverse range of subjects and time periods, from colonialism and the world wars to political activism and international relations.

British Online Archives is making this access available as part of its response to the continuing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, in recognition of the importance of remote learning for higher education.

New E-Resource : KISS (Korean Studies Information Service System)

Cambridge University members now have access to KISS (Korean Studies Information Service System), one of the most important databases for Korean academic journal articles.

The user guide for KISS is available here.


Readers interested in this database should also explore Dbpia, another full text database containing over 2,000 Korean scholarly journals. A full list of Korean e-resources is available here.

Also available to access via the Databases A-Z .

New Open Access E-Resource : Black Freedom Struggle in the United States

Black Freedom Struggle in the United States is a curated selection of primary sources for teaching and learning about the struggles and triumphs of Black Americans.

black freedom-1

The Black Freedom Struggle website will include more than 2,000 documents curated around six crucial phases of the U.S. Black freedom struggle:

  • Resistance to slavery by enslaved persons and the abolitionist movement of the 19th century
  • The end of slavery during the Civil War and the Reconstruction Era
  • The fight against Jim Crow segregation
  • The New Deal and World War II
  • The Civil Rights Movement and Black Power Movement from 1946-1975
  • …and the contemporary Black experience since 1976.

This new open access website has been set up with the intention of supporting a wide range of students, independent researchers and anyone interested in learning more about the foundation of ongoing racial injustice in the US and the fights against it.

Also available to access via the Databases A-Z .

International Energy Agency (IEA) statistics – trial access

University of Cambridge members now have access to the International Energy Agency (IEA) statistics on the OECD iLibrary platform until 1 March 2022.

Access the OECD iLibrary via this link.

  • or individually by each DOIs databases:

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