New e-resources: Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Anthropology

We are pleased to announce that Cambridge University now have access to the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Anthropology via this direct link.

Authored by the experts, Oxford Research Encylcopedia articles deliver in-depth thinking and analysis of a wide range of subjects in the humanities, social sciences, and on emerging themes in the sciences.

Hunter-Gatherer, Farmer interactions in Uganda

Hunter-Gatherer, Farmer Interactions in Uganda“The coexistence of the Kansyore-Later Stone Age (LSA) hunter-gatherer and the Early Iron Age (EIA)-Urewe-farmer cultural materials in the same cultural deposits and environmental space can no longer be dismissed as accidental admixture. At Kansyore Island in western Uganda, it is clear that the Kansyore hunter-gatherer and Urewe-farmers are two cultural periods presumed to be widely separated in time and space but that coexist together in the same stratigraphic contexts suggesting interaction and coexistence. …” – By Elizabeth Kyazike

Also available to access via the Databases A-Z.

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