Japan Times Digital Archive – Trial access

Trial access to Japan’s oldest English-language newspaper the Japan Times Digital Archive is available to 15 May 2022 for Cambridge University members. This archive can be accessed on campus here or off campus here.

Please tell us about your use of this resource and if you want continued access to it via this feedback form.

From the publisher website:

Since 1897, The Japan Times has reported daily in English on the people, places and goings-on in and beyond Japanese society. The Japan Times was launched on March 22, 1897 during the Meiji era. This was a time when Japanese society experienced political, social, and industrial revolution, from being an isolated feudal society to emerging as a great power on the world stage. Fundamental changes took place, to social structures, internal politics, economy, military, and foreign relations. The Japan Times has offered a unique point-of-view, different from other Japanese language newspapers, since its first issue. This is a rare resource of media during the Meiji and Taishō eras, available in English.

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