Service to be retired as of 1 August 2022

End of service announcement from the Zetoc website: Following a review of Zetoc and in consultation with the British Library, we have decided to retire the service as of 1 August 2022. We would like to thank all users for your support and loyalty over the years. Please find more information here: “https://zetoc.jisc.ac.uk/news/2022/25jan2022.html”

Some alternative ways to access alerts and updates from the journals you follow

Access and interact with online academic journals using Browzine.

Once journals are found, they can be stored into a personal bookshelf, or online personal library. There are some FAQs and a video with information.  BrowZine then updates you with new articles published in these journals and clearly displays unread articles new to your bookshelf.

There are some useful links in the Cambridge Libraries, LibGuides – Medicine: Keeping up to date: database alerts

Here you will find information about PubMed, Medline, Embase, AMED and HMIC as well as PsycINFO, Global Health and CINAHL

Google Scholar Alerts create email alerts for topics of interest.

Do a search for the topic of interest, e.g., “M Theory”; click the envelope icon in the sidebar of the search results page; enter your email address, and click “Create alert”. We’ll then periodically email you newly published papers that match your search criteria.

from Google Scholar, search tips, email alerts






The university has no control over the content of third party applications. These are not subscribed resources and therefore, the premium content is not available.

JournalTOCsallows the user to set up email alerts for chosen journals to let them know when new issues are published with contents information.

‘JournalTOCs  is the largest, free collection of scholarly journal Tables of Contents (TOCs): 32,567 journals including 16,161 selected Open Access journals and 11,719 Hybrid journals, from 3366 publishers.
JournalTOCs is for researchers, students, librarians and anyone looking for the latest scholarly articles.
JournalTOCs alerts you when new issues of your Followed journals are published.’

description from the publshers website

Researcher app  is another third party app

‘Never miss out on important research

Keeping up-to-date with research can feel impossible, with papers being published faster than you’ll ever be able to read them. That’s where Researcher comes in: we’re simplifying discovery. With over 15,000 journals across 10 research areas, just choose which journals you want to follow and we’ll create you a personalised feed.’

From the publishers website

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