New e-resource: Public Information Online

Public Information Online is now available to Cambridge University members.

Public Information Online is a complete collection of parliamentary papers from Westminster, Scottish Parliament, Northern Ireland Assembly and the Scottish Government.

All sections are updated daily and papers are available to download as pdfs.

As well as the papers of the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly of Wales, and the Northern Ireland Assembly, PIO includes for the UK Parliament:-

  • House of Commons Papers – 2006 onwards
  • House of Lords Papers – currently 1901 onwards
  • Command Papers – 1835-1955 (incomplete) and 1955 onwards
  • House of Commons Bill and Bill Amendments – 1919 onwards
  • House of Lords Bill and Bill Amendments – 1901 onwards
  • Explanatory Notes to Bills – 1998 (HoL) 2006 (HoC) onwards
  • Standing and Public Bill Committees – 1919 onwards
  • Public General Acts (PGAs) – 1901 onwards
  • PGA Explanatory Notes – 1999 onwards
  • Links to Amending Statutory Instruments for all UK Acts
  • House of Commons Hansard – (Bound) 1909-2007 (Daily) 2007 onwards
  • House of Lords Hansard – (Bound) 1909-2007 (Daily) 2007 onwards
  • Local Acts – 1991 onwards
  • Church Measures – 1932 onwards
  • Votes and Proceedings – 2009 onwards

PIO comprises also the key non-Parliamentary publications from many departments-

  • Education e.g. Education and Training Statistics for the United Kingdom
  • Health e.g. The National Diet and Nutrition Survey; ONS Health Statistics
  • Charities e.g. Giving Green Paper Finance, Independent commission on banking.
  • Final report: Recommendations
  • Defence e.g. The Army List, The Air Force List, UK Defence Statistics
  • Transport e.g. Reported Road Casualties, Transport Statistics

Public Information Online complements and fills the gaps in the access provided by ProQuest’s U.K. Parliamentary Papers.

The archive is ongoing and added to on a daily basis.

The character of Boris Johnson in the series Spitting Image, 2021.

“If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, you are doomed to live under the rule of fools” — Plato

Browsing: You can browse the different records in each Parliament by Category and Session and non-parliamentary papers by Corporate Author.

Searching: You can perform advanced searches enabling you to specify in detail the records you are looking for across all Parliaments and non-parliamentary papers.

You can search by: “all fields”, or:

  • Parliament
  • Category
  • Title
  • ISBN
  • Paper Number
  • Date
  • Session
  • Corporate Author
  • Bill or Index Term

Your search can be sorted by relevance, chronological, numerical, alphabetical or categorical.

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