New e-resource – Royal College of Physicians, Part I: 1200-1862

We are pleased to announce that Royal College of Physicians, Part I: 1200-1862, History of Medicine from Folklore to Modern Public Health Policy by Wiley Digital Archives is now available to Cambridge University members.

The Royal College of Physicians – Part I includes content within the date ranges of 1101 through 1862. From the founding charter to 20th-century reports on the effects of smoking, there is a wealth of material on the RCP’s role in relation to contemporary medical advances. The RCP was founded so that physicians could be formally licensed to practise and those who were not qualified could be exposed and punished. There are many archive records defining the RCP’s changing role in setting standards in medical practice. RCP members have always collected manuscripts and papers on a wide range of medical and non-medical topics. As a result the archives contain an eclectic range of 14th- to 19th-century manuscripts. Personal papers of past fellows from the 16th century to the 20th century provide glimpses into the personal lives and social concerns of many distinguished physicians.

The collection includes titles such as:

A Register of the Doctors of Physick in Our Two Universities of Cambridge and Oxford

A sermon preached before the University of Cambridge, January 27, 1793 by James Fawcett

Some Observations Concerning the Fever Which Prevailed at Cambridge during the Spring of 1815

Text from the Wiley website.

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