Departures in Critical Qualitative Research

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“Departures in Critical Qualitative Research (formerly Qualitative Communication Research) publishes innovative, experimental, aesthetic, and provocative works on the theories, practices, and possibilities of critical qualitative research. Departures is a forum for scholars in diverse disciplines to converse on, contest, and creatively reimagine the form, purpose, and mission of their work. The journal seeks works charting scholarly and theoretical developments in critical qualitative research, exemplars of methodological innovation, and inventive demonstrations of research as an aesthetic intervention and mode of critique..”

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from volume 7 number 4 (2018) to present.

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New Oxford Bibliography Online: Art History

The University of Cambridge now has access to the New Oxford Bibliography Online: Art History available via the Cambridge Databases A-Z.

Originating as a study much informed by ancient art, and then by the art of the Renaissance, the historical dimension of the discipline has also continuously advanced with time. More and more works and types of objects are made throughout the world, and art historians’ interests have increasingly shifted to more recent art. In the past half century art historians have also engaged more and more with questions of theory, method, and the history of the discipline. New approaches, often borrowed from other fields, have proliferated.

As a result of all this flux and ferment, it has become progressively more difficult to grasp the literature of the field, and to gain an orientation to current and perennial problems. Oxford Bibliographies in Art History responds to these needs and offers a trustworthy pathway through the thicket of information overload. Whether an expert in contemporary European art needs to read up on the art of ancient China for a book project or an undergraduate student needs to start a research paper on iconography in Renaissance art, Oxford Bibliographies in Art History will provide a trusted source of selective bibliographic guidance.

Image credit: Aby Warburg (see:

OBO’s bibliography on Warburg can be found here.



New on ejournals@cambridge gateway : Focaal

Focaal advocates an approach that rests in the simultaneity of ethnography, processual analysis, local insights, and global vision, and is rooted in debates on the ongoing conjunction of anthropology and history and the incorporation of local settings in wider spatial networks of coercion, imagination, and exchange. While encouraging contributions on all world regions, it is unique among anthropology journals for its affiliation with ‘anthropology at home’ and studies of ‘the West’, Europe and post-socialism. The journal is also interested in issues of globalization, imperialism, and associated violent and disruptive processes, as well as their ramifications for local research settings and for theory and method.

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Oxford Bibliographies: Anthropology

New on eresources@cambridge A-Z : Oxford Bibliographies: Anthropology

Buryat shaman Sandan

Oxford Bibliographies in Anthropology is an entirely new and unique type of reference tool that has been specially created to meet a great need among today’s students, scholars, and professionals.

It offers more than other bibliography initiatives on- and offline by providing expert commentary to help students and scholars find, negotiate, and assess the large amount of information readily available to them. It facilitates research by providing direct links to online library catalogs and other online resources. Organizing the resource around discrete subject entries will allow for quick and easy navigation that users expect when working on screen.

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Ethnographic Video Online II

New on eresources@cambridge A-Z : Ethnographic Video Online II

Building on the success of the University’s access to Ethnographic Video Online I, the University Library is pleased to announce access is now available also to the second collection, Ethnographic Video Online II.  Focusing on issues such as environmental crises, refugee migration, and endangered languages, EVO II brings together a wide range of streaming video, covering human behavior the world over. Essential for the study of anthropology, as well as the areas of politics, economics, history, psychology, environmental studies, religion, area studies, linguistics, and geography, the database contains more than 700 documentary films, including previously unpublished material from major archives and individual filmmakers.

Watch a video on the new uses of online video in teaching and the importance of learning with video to today’s students :

EVO I and II are now on a much-improved new platform from Alexander Street Press.  If you prefer the old platform or want to check it out as you move to the new one, that is still available here.

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