New Formations

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From the Project Muse website for the journal:

New Formations publishes original work that explores the uses of cultural theory for the analysis of political and social issues – be they historical or contemporary – and it publishes work from any discipline which meets this criterion, or which bears directly upon current debates within cultural theory, cultural studies, or the wider critical humanities or social sciences.”

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from 2007 to present.

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Journal for peace & justice studies

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z: Journal for peace & justice studies

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“The Journal for Peace & Justice Studies is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes work from a variety of disciplines, including philosophy, theology, social and political theory, and public policy, on substantive problems of peace and justice.

While the journal particularly encourages contributions arising from the Judeo-Christian intellectual traditions, it welcomes submissions from any perspective which seeks to build a just society and promote peace.”

Headquarters of the UNASUR, Photo © Sebastián Crespo.

International politics & International politics review

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z gateway: International politics & International politics reviews

'Flags on the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona' by Martin Pilat on Flicr

International politics is a “leading peer reviewed journal dedicated to transnational issues and global problems”.  The journal defines itself as “critical in character, truly international in scope, and totally engaged with the central issues facing the world today. Taking as its point of departure the simple but essential notion that no one approach has all the answers, it aims to provide a global forum for a rapidly expanding community of scholars from across the range of academic disciplines.”

Topics addressed within the journal include:

  • Rethinking the Clash of Civilizations
  • Myths of Westphalia
  • Holocaust and China
  • Leo Strauss and the Cold War
  • Justin Rosenberg and Globalisation Theory
  • Putin and the West
  • The USA Post-Bush
  • Can China Rise Peacefully?
  • Just Wars
  • Cuba, Castro and After
  • Gramsci and IR
  • Is America in Decline?

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Quarterly journal of political science

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“In the last half-century, social scientists have engaged in a methodologically focused and substantively far-reaching mission to make the study of politics scientific. The mutually reinforcing components in this pursuit are the development of positive theories and the testing of their empirical implications. Although this paradigm has been associated with many advances in the understanding of politics, no leading journal of political science is dedicated primarily to the publication of positive political science.” – From the journal’s Editorial Aims page.

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Global policy

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What is global policy? 

“The field of global policy focuses on the global as a process (or set of processes) which creates transcontinental or interregional flows and networks of activity and interaction, and the new framework of multi-level policymaking by public and private actors, which involves and transcends national, international and trans-national policy regimes”

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European Political Science

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z: European Politcal Science

About the journal (from the website for European Political Science):

“An international journal devoted to publishing contributions by and for the political science community. Its interpretation of ‘political science’ is wide and encompasses comparative politics, political economy, international relations, public administration, political theory, European studies and related disciplines. It publishes pieces on how the discipline is, can be and ought to be. Articles address research matters (including debates in the discipline, research projects, political science information sources, funding opportunities); professional matters (such as career structures and prospects, external evaluation, higher education reforms, accreditation issues); doctoral training provision and teaching matters; and relations between academia and politicians, policy-makers, journalists and ordinary citizens.”

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Policy and Politics

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : Policy and Politics.


From the IngentaConnect website for the journal:

“… the leading journal in the field of public policy with an enviable reputation for publishing peer-reviewed papers of the highest quality. It explores the fit between theory and empirical applications and links macro-scale political economy debates with micro-scale policy studies.”

Policy & Politics is published quarterly by Policy Press at the University of Bristol.

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from volume 28 (2000) to present.

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BBC Monitoring Library Trial

Trial access is available until 18 March 2014 to the BBC Monitoring Library.

BBC Monitoring Library is a current affairs news service that reports on political and economic events around the world as they impact on international relations, environment issues, migration, peacekeeping, arms proliferation, crime, health, terrorism, human rights, energy, media, and many more topics.

More than 3,000 radio, television, press, internet and news agency sources in over 150 countries are monitored to inform the BBC’s distinctive, authoritative and reliable reporting of political and economic news.

Articles are selected from traditional and new media worldwide, with over one hundred source languages being translated into English to provide a fully searchable digital current affairs resource.

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Behavioral sciences of terrorism and political aggression

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : Behavioral sciences of terrorism and political aggression

Behavioral sciences of terrorism and political aggression aims to address the complex causation and effects of terrorist activity by bringing together timely, consistently scientifically and theoretically sound papers addressing terrorism from a behavioral science perspective (encompassing biological, evolutionary, developmental, ecological, personality, social, military, and neuroscience approaches to psychology).

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