E-resources Advent Calendar Window 12 : Statista

Looking for holiday stats?

Statista is the database for you, with statistics ranging from serious consumer data to silly trending topics. As well as infographics, tables and charts, Statista has in-depth reports and industry dossiers.

No Brainer. (2022). Most popular Christmas TV ads in the United Kingdom in 2022, by number of social media views (in 1,000s). Statista. Statista Inc.. Accessed: December 08, 2022.
Klarna. (2022). What kind of clothing individuals in the United Kingdom (UK) tend to wear on Christmas day as of 2022. Statista. Statista Inc.. Accessed: December 08, 2022.

Guest post from Melendra Sutliff Sanders, Deputy Librarian, Cambridge Judge Business School

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International Energy Agency (IEA) statistics – Access now available for University of Cambridge until March 2023

We are pleased to announce that University of Cambridge members now have access to the International Energy Agency (IEA) statistics on the OECD iLibrary platform until March 2023.

Access the OECD iLibrary via this link.

  • or individually by each DOIs databases:

Send your feedback via Eresource Trial Feedback Form.

International Energy Agency (IEA) statistics – trial access

University of Cambridge members now have access to the International Energy Agency (IEA) statistics on the OECD iLibrary platform until 1 March 2022.

Access the OECD iLibrary via this link.

  • or individually by each DOIs databases:

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Springer Mathematics and Statistics Archive

We are delighted to announce that Cambridge University Libraries has acquired the Springer Mathematics and Statistics Archive in perpetuity. 

The yellow Springer maths books are a striking feature of any library, and this acquisition gives us access to the complete back catalogue from the 1800s up until 2005. Our analysis of Springer electronic books usage showed that at least half the books requested are for this older material.

This collection includes both the Grundlehren series, arguably one of the most important sources in early 20th century mathematics, and the influential Ergebnisse series from the 1930s. 

The archive also contains the entire series of Lecture Notes in Mathematics, the production of this series revolutionised mathematics publishing by introducing camera-ready printing of typewritten manuscripts thus speeding up the dissemination of mathematics. 

Applied Mathematical Sciences monographs is also included, and contains many of Springer’s most cited mathematics books. 

It is possible for readers to request a ‘print on demand’ soft-backed version of any the volumes contained in the collection for £24.99.

We are sure that this purchase will bring a very real benefit to mathematicians and other scientists working in the University of Cambridge.

You can access the 7,000+ titles via iDiscover or as a collection through the Cambridge University Libraries A-Z or direct at this link.

Taylor and Francis Online Journal Collection: Upgraded to Full Collection

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : Taylor and Francis Online Journal Collection: upgraded to the full collection.



The subscription to the Taylor and Francis Journal Collection has been upgraded by adding the Science & Technology Library to the Social Science & Humanities Library, providing access to about 350 extra titles in the fields of engineering, computer science, environment and agriculture, mathematics, statistics and physics.

For a list of titles included in the Science and Technology Library please click here.

The new collection includes a number of journals which have been recommended for purchase in the last year, including:

The Full Collection includes most journals published by Taylor and Francis, but some titles which are not part of a collection are not covered. Newly published journals will not be automatically included either.

Access titles from the Taylor and Francis Online Journal Collection via the ejournals@cambridge A-Z.


IEA Statistics (OECD iLibrary)

Trial access is now available to the IEA Statistics databases on the OECD iLibrary platform.

Access the trial on campus via this link or off campus via this link.

Access ends 12 November 2015.

Please send your feedback on the IEA statistics trial to cued-library@eng.cam.ac.uk

OECD iLibrary provides online access to the statisical databases of the International Energy Agency.

It includes access to the annual Energy Statistics and Energy Balances databases; the annual Coal Information, Electricity Information, Natural Gas Inforamtion, Oil Information, Renewables Information, CO2 Emission from Fuel Combustion, Energy Technology R&D, and IEA Forecasts databases, as well as the quarterly Energy Prices and Taxes and Oil Gas Coal and Electricity Statistics.

The Economic and Social Data Service is a single access point to international macro data from the World Bank, IMF, OECD, UN, Eurostat, and IEA as well as UK government surveys, longitudinal surveys, qualitative data, the UK Data Archive.  To access the ESDS data you must first register here and select Login via UK Federation. After fillling out the registration form you will need to confirm via email

International historical statistics

Trial access is available to Palgrave’s International historical statistics resource.

To navigate by keyword click here

To browse the full reference work click here

This (static) reference work includes 260 years of data collected between 1750 and 2010 in three volumes, covering Europe, the Americas and Africa, Asia & Oceania.  The data sets are available in PDF and Excel format, so they can be easily used by researchers.

Trial access ends 31 October 2015.

Please send your feedback to ejournals@lib.cam.ac.uk.  Thank you.

ICPSR (Inter-university consortium for political and social research) data

Please spread the word… if you have students and/or scholars who would benefit from social science data:

We now have access to ICPSR data!

This collection of data could be useful for studies and research in sociology, political science, economics, demography, education, child care, health care, crime, minority populations, aging, terrorism, substance abuse, mental health, public policy, and international relations – it has a strong focus on data relating to the USA.

ICPSR is the world’s largest collection of digital social science data – http://www.icpsr.umich.edu.

ICPSR maintains a data archive of more than 500,000 files of research in the social sciences. It hosts 16 specialized collections of data in education, aging, criminal justice, substance abuse, terrorism, and other fields.

For finding data, please go to

All University of Cambridge staff and students have access to the extensive ICPSR data holdings via any computer on campus (via IP-recognition).

Access is direct and quick by accessing the ICPSR website at http://www.icpsr.umich.edu or from the link on the eresources@cambridge A-Z Economics page (or main index A-Z).

First-time users will be asked to create an ICPSR MyData account; thereafter, you will need your email address and password to download data.

At present access is not available off campus.

Statista : Trial access extended to end of year

Trial access has been extended to the end of 2014 for the Statista portal, the “world’s largest” for statistical data.

When the trial was first arranged, access was only available on campus.  Now access is available off campus too via Shibboleth login.

To access off campus please go to


click on the “Log in” link (top right)

click on the “Campus access” link

click on the “Your University” dropdown to find and select University of Cambridge. Login with your Raven credentials.

Just now the site is defaulting to the German edition.  To select the English version please click on the flag at the top right of the welcome screen.  As of 8 October this has been corrected.

Please send us your feedback on Statista by writing a message to ejournals@lib.cam.ac.uk.  Thank you.

OECD Data & enhancements to iLibrary

OECD has just introduced OECD Data, a new innovative portal to discover and access data.

The OECD iLibrary has also recently been enhanced.

The OECD iLibrary’s new navigation bar provides access to new and enhanced index features and top-level navigation: You can browse by Theme, Country, or by Theme and Country, as well as quickly access the Catalogue of the existing content sections, and Statistics.

On the Statistics page there is a new content category, Indicators in the centre section. Indicators replace Key Tables, and provide links to OECD Data. Here, users can access and discover cutting-edge visualisation tools for the most popular data, with links to the datasets and related publications hosted on OECD iLibrary.

OECD iLibrary is an integrated online library developed as a service for researchers, teachers, lecturers and students at different levels who need to access and work with information, forecasts and analysis as well as statistical data published by OECD. Included also time-saving tools allowing users to work with, export and share data and build their own statistical datasets. New content and developed features and functionality are added to the service on a continuous basis.

As of October 2014 we are pleased to report metadata for OECD iLibrary will be included in LibrarySearch and LibrarySearch+ making the wealth of information sources more accessible to users.