Trial access: BBC Monitoring: Summary of World Broadcasts access available until 10th April 2023

The University of Cambridge has trial access to BBC Monitoring: Summary of World Broadcasts Essential Global Media, 1939-2001 until 10th April 2023.

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Nearly 70,000 individual printed reports comprising several million pages were produced during the life of Summary of World Broadcasts.

This digital archive was created from the unique copy of the complete hard-media archive preserved at the BBC Written Archives Centre in Reading, England.

This archive includes transcripts of global radio and television broadcasts, telegraph, and news sources translated into English and summarized by the BBC Monitoring Service. For ease of use, the collection has been divided into several components covering periods in which the content remained largely static, as follows:

  • Daily Digest of Foreign Broadcasts (later Daily Digest of World Broadcasts), August 28, 1939 – April 23, 1945
  • Daily Digest of World Broadcasts (later Digest of World Broadcasts and Radio Telegraph Services), May 24, 1945 – May 6, 1947
  • Digest of World Broadcasting, May 7, 1947 – May 27, 1947
  • Summary of World Broadcasts, May 28, 1947 – May 24, 1949
  • Summary of World Broadcasts, May 25, 1949 – April 15, 1959
  • Summary of World Broadcasts Second Series, April 15, 1959 – November 13, 1987
  • Summary of World Broadcasts Third Series, November 16, 1987 – August/September 1993
  • Summary of World Broadcasts Third Series, August/September 1993 – March 30, 2001

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Image credit – ‘BBC Colour’ by Miles Davis (Smiley) on Flickr

Trial access: Building Types Online access available until 10th March 2023

The University of Cambridge has trial access to Building Types Online until 10th March 2023. What do you think of these database? Have your say on this feedback form. We value your feedback. Building Types Online The database Building Types Online is a resource for the study and practice of architectural design. It is based on Birkhäuser’s high international standing in professional architecture books, on the knowledge of the authors and editors who are leading experts in their fields, as well as on the technical quality of the illustrations. The database offers exclusive and unparalleled, highly flexible and detailed search and browse access to the contents of the Birkhäuser program on building types. All content was written and selected by internationally renowned authors in architectural design. Your benefits:
  • Large international collection of contemporary buildings, from housing and offices to museums, schools and other building types
  • Focus on floor plans and other architectural drawings in unrivalled quality. A large part of the drawings are vector-based
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E-resources Advent Calendar Window 4: “Design perfection”: King’s College Chapel

Browsing our Bloomsbury Architecture Library, we were delighted to discover King’s College Chapel, home each year to the Service of Nine Lessons and Carols, featured in Sir Banister Fletcher’s Global History of Architecture, v. 2

Figure 63.5. King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, England (1446–61, 1485, vaulting 1508–13). Huge traceried windows turn the chapel’s interior almost into a cage of stone and glass, while the fan vaulting, built by the mason John Wastell, represents an English design innovation, here brought to perfection. riba collections.

Visit the amazing Architecture page on the Art & Architecture LibGuide for more exciting online resources in Architecture.

New E-Resource – Construction Information Service (CIS)

We are very pleased to provide online access to the Construction Information Service (CIS), a knowledge tool delivering technical information to the construction market.

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Screenshot of CIS homepage

From the publisher website:

Developed by IHS Markit and NBS, the Construction Information Service (CIS) is an online tool to quickly access current regulations, construction standards, technical advice and industry news on building, engineering, design and construction processes in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Updated weekly, the CIS offers a powerful search engine to find authoritative information for every stage of the construction lifecycle from design and completion to operation and ongoing use. Easy-to-use search filters allow you to query 26,000+ documents – including full text copies of British standards, CIBSE documents, and technical data – from 500+ publishers and more.

More information about this service is available in this brochure.

Construction Information Service (CIS) is also available to access via the Databases A-Z.

Art & Architecture Archive : access until 17th September 2020

University of Cambridge members now have access to ProQuest’s Art & Architecture Archive until 17th September 2020.

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Art & Architecture Archive is a major research resource comprising the digitized backfiles of many of the foremost art and architecture magazines of the twentieth century. Offering unprecedented access to the archives of key consumer and trade publications, it is a unique collection of the essential primary sources for studying the history of these subjects. The magazines cover the spectrum of sub-disciplines, from fine and applied arts, through to interior design, industrial design, and landscape gardening. Issues are scanned from cover to cover in high resolution color and presented in page image format with fully searchable text.

Trade magazines, widely recognized as indispensable sources for art and architecture, are also strongly represented. Research materials and technical guidance are available to those working in areas including graphic design, construction, and product design, in publications such as Print, Architectural Review, and Graphis, respectively.

In combination, the consumer magazines and the trade publications comprise an invaluable reference source, as a historical record of the art and architecture industries. Through reviews, advertisements, exhibition listings, and awards, users may trace the careers of major artists and architects, as well as the history of the commercialization and marketing of art.

Art & Architecture Archive also serves wider research in the humanities and social sciences, with sociologists and historians, for example, able to locate primary sources attesting to the relationship between art movements and social trends.

The ability to cross-search these magazine backfiles within a single database creates an unrivalled opportunity for researchers to locate a comprehensive body of primary source material relating to particular individuals, topics and movements, across a variety of publications and document types. A single search may return industry news items, interviews with major artists, and features about technological developments, as well as photographs / illustrations, architectural plans, statistics, and reviews.

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Photo by Jeffrey Czum from Pexels

Photo by Jeffrey Czum from Pexels

Text taken from the ProQuest platform

Innes Review

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z :

Innes review

The Innes Review is the journal of the Scottish Catholic Historical Association. The journal promotes the study of the history of Catholic Scotland, covering all aspects and topics related to Scottish history and culture, including but not limited to: ecclesiastical, cultural, liturgical, architectural, literary and political history from earliest times to the present day.

Published on behalf of the Scottish Catholic Historical Association

Volume 1, 1950


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De Gruyter database trials : access until 1 July 2020

The University of Cambridge has access to four databases from De Gruyter until 1 July 2020:

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Building Types Online

This database is a resource for the study and practice of architectural design. It is based on Birkhäuser’s high international standing in professional architecture books, on the knowledge of the authors and editors who are leading experts in their fields, as well as on the technical quality of the illustrations.

Deutsche Literatur des 18. Jahrhunderts Online

This online database contains first editions and complete historical editions of leading representatives of the Enlightenment such as Bürger, Gottsched, Herder, Kant, Lessing, Mendelssohn, Moritz, Nicolai, Wieland and many more, the writings of the “Göttinger Hainbund” and works of the Swiss Enlightenment. Most notably however, it also contains the writings of hundreds of authors who were less well-known or are nowadays all but forgotten, but who nevertheless contributed to the literary Enlightenment in Germany with their lyrical, dramatic and epic works.

Nietzsche Online

This database Nietzsche Online provides researchers and readers complete online access to the editions, interpretations and reference works on one of the most important philosophers. Users thus obtain access to a comprehensive database containing the research results of the last forty years.

WBIS World Biographical Index Online

This is the most comprehensive and extensive biographical database with information on persons, families and groups from all classes and professions, from all countries and regions of the earth, from the 4th millennium BC to the present.

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Periodicals Archive Online (complete) : access until 31st May 2020

Complete access to Periodicals Archive Online (PAO) is available until 31st May 2020 in addition to our perpetual access of the JISC colecltions within PAO.

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Periodicals Archive Online is a major archive that makes the backfiles of scholarly periodicals in the arts, humanities and social sciences available electronically, providing access to the searchable full text of hundreds of titles. The database spans more than two centuries of content, 37 key subject areas, and multiple languages.

Providing access to the full text of a growing number of digitized periodicals that have been indexed in its sister database, Periodicals Index Online.

Currently, Periodicals Archive Online contains over 700 journals comprising more than 3 million articles and 15 million article pages. Periodicals Archive Online continues to add new titles, to give undergraduate and graduate students, university faculty and libraries access to a growing collection of key journals in the humanities and social sciences.

All of the journals in Periodicals Archive Online are of significant value to scholars. Whilst the majority of titles are peer-reviewed academic journals, a number of carefully selected publications are included that were not originally scholarly in nature but now represent essential research material.

Newspapers, journals composed entirely of pictorial matter and journals that are indexes (i.e. abstracts, current contents services or bibliographies) are not considered. Monograph series may be included, however.

A round up of new eresrouces made available between 3rd to 17th April

As new eresources are made available due to COVID-19 they are being added to the Databases A-Z and promoted by the ejournals and ebooks teams on WordPress blogs (ejournals@cambridge and ebooks@cambridge) and Twitter (@ejournalscamb and @ebookscamb). When records are available in Alma for the new databases and collections they will be activated and be loaded into iDiscover.

The new databases and collections made available and promoted between 3rd and 17th April are listed below. Details about trial end dates are included in the blog posts that are linked to each title.


Artfilms, Bloomsbury ebooks, Textbooks on Cambridge Core, ProQuest Databases (including ProQuest Dissertation and Thesis Databases and ProQuest Video Online), Archive Direct, Project Muse, VitalSource Helps, JSTOR ebooks, SpringerLink textbooks, Brepols Online, Perlego

Arts & Humanities

Architects Journal and Architectural Review (new subscriptions from recommendations), Babelscores, Classic Spring Oscar Wilde Collection (Drama Online), Maxine Peake as Hamlet (Drama Online), Medici.TV, Littman e-library of Jewish Civilisation, Theology and Religion Online , RIPM North American and Music Periodicals, RIPM Jazz Periodicals, Bloomsbury Fashion Central, Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament

Humanities and Social Sciences

Bristol University Press and Policy Press journals (Business, Economics, Education, Law, International Relations, SPS), Oxford Handbooks – Criminology and Criminal Justice, Encyclopedia of Early Modern History, South Asia Archive

Biological Sciences

Rockefeller University Press journals (Medicine, Life science, Physiology), Thieme Connect Medical Journals , British Small Animal Veterinary Association, SIAM Epidemiology collection, Lancet Respiratory Medicine

Physical Sciences

Oxford Handbooks – Physical Sciences, Lyell Collection (Geological Society Publications), Thieme Connect Chemistry Journals, GeoScience World ebooks collection


Oxford Handbooks – Business and Management, Harvard Business Publishing Collection on EBSCOhost

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If a subscribed version of an article is not readily available you may find the ‘Search and Discovery Tools’ pages useful. The browser plug-ins section includes details for Lean Library (which gives access to subscribed articles by reloading publisher platform URLs via Raven as well as searching for an OA copy if a subscribed version is not available) and Open Access browser plug-ins.

We hope you find this digest of recently added ersources useful.

Architects Journal and Architectural Review – new subscriptions

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z :

Architects journal

Architectural Review

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Architects Journal

The AJ supports the architecture industry on a daily basis with in-depth news analysis,
insight into issues that are affecting the industry, comprehensive building studies with
technical details and drawings, client profiles, competition updates as well as letting you
know who’s won what and why.

Architectural Review

A curated selection of the best architectural ideas in the world to inspire your mind and feed your soul. Each special edition is created using sheet-fed litho printing with hand-inserted tip-ins and gatefolds with vegetable-based inks on a mix of FSC-certified paper and card.

Now available to the University of Cambridge after recommendations by the Art and Architecture Department Library.

Access Architects Journal and Architectural Review via the E-Journals SearchiDiscover or via the direct links at the top of this post.