New e-resource : Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education

Following a recommendation for access we can now announce that the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education is now available to members of the University of Cambridge.

“As a field of study, education draws widely from other disciplines while constituting a discourse all its own. It is simultaneously a field of study, a set of social and professional practices, and a range of social institutions. Educational researchers are concerned with the purposes of education, how people learn, the implications of various ways of teaching, the pedagogical and social effects of organizational and institutional arrangements, and ultimately with improvement in all these. They examine education’s relation to and effect upon culture, socialization, politics, national and international development, social change, social maintenance, and conflict. Educational researchers study informal learning, public pedagogies, technologies, social problems and social contexts. They are also charged with sorting out various schemes to improve effectiveness and efficiency, distinguishing between fad and improvement, hype and substance.

“The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education will be the authoritative resource for those who wish to understand this complex field of inquiry and endeavor. Education is one of the largest fields of study across the globe. It is of concern to citizens and parents, politicians and policymakers, educators and scholars. The ORE of Education provides thorough and balanced syntheses of what is known, what is disputed, and what is in progress in education research. The syntheses will be gateways to new domains of inquiry, providing provocative ideas and incisive critiques as well as addressing the broad controversies that mark education. The ORE of Education will be the singular resource for access to all that is known and all that is being thought in and about education.

“The digital format of the ORE of Education enables continuously revisable articles so that there will be minimal lag between primary research and the syntheses provided in the Encyclopedia. It is a resource that invites repeated perusal. As a born-digital resource, the Encyclopedia is able to offer multimedia content both in terms of providing substantive videos and audio recordings as well as cross-links that are embedded so that readers can follow a point across the ORE of Education, Oxford University Press’s other scholarly resources, and the wider literature to discern novel connections or digressions. The ORE of Education enables the development of definitive understandings as well as the creative exploration of ideas.”

George W. Noblit, PhD
Joseph R. Neikirk Distinguished Professor of Sociology of Education
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education is available to access via the Databases A-Z and iDiscover (from 1st April).


New e-resource : Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science

Following a recommendation for access we can now announce that the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science is now available to members of the University of Cambridge.

“Climate, in particular climate change, climate impact and climate policy, and the perspectives they provide have occupied front seats in the global arena for over two decades. “Climate change” in particular has become a household term, and needs little explanation.

“This encyclopedia engages both the global and the regional view. It structures the issues that “climate” presents into three threads, namely: (1) our understanding of, and response to, the geophysical and biogeochemical system, including the sensitivity of the system to external drivers and its natural variability. (2) The ubiquitous presence of communication and policymaking leads us to deal with different cultural framings of climate, as well as with the social process of climate science. (3) Finally economic and climate policy issues at the international and at the local level are considered.

“A special feature is our plan to cover many regions of the world by interdisciplinary analyses of what climate, climate impacts, and perspectives on climate are as well as the options for, and the conditions and meaning of, societal response to climate.”

Dr. Hans von Storch
Former Director of the Institute for Coastal Research, Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany
Editor in Chief

The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science is available to access via the Databases A-Z and iDiscover (from 1st April).


How to use eresources@cambridge: SPECIAL – The advice we often give to help with access problems

If you click on a link to an article or ejournal and the page does not load correctly we would suggest that you take two steps to make sure that the problem is not local to your computer.


What browser are you using? Does the article or ejournal open if you use a different browser?

This is suggested when the article/ejournal opens correctly for us (on and off campus) and we want to work out if the issue is with the  browser of the person who is experiencing an access issue.


It can be useful to delete the history, cookies and cache from your browser before closing and reopening it. Does this help you get access?

This is suggested when the article or ejournal opens in a second browser, but not the primary browser that is being used. Errors can get stored in browsers. By deleting history, etc. you can sometimes clear the problem and get access.


If you cannot access what you need you can check if it is include in our eresources collection by searching for it in iDiscover. We may have access to what you need via a different platform.

If you have any questions or want to contact us please do so  ejournals@cambridge helpdesk


How to use eresources@cambridge: #8 Alumni access

The Alumni Office of the University of Cambridge has made a number of eresrouces available for alumni.

You might have finished studying but you still have free access to a number of online academic resources wherever you live around the world:
If you completed your studies…
  • before June 2018 use your email address. Or, register for free if you don’t have one.
  • after June 2018 use your CRSid (eg: abc123).

The eresources available to access are:

  • Adam Matthew Digital
  • Cambridge Core
  • Credo Reference
  • EBSCO Educational Databases
  • Emerald Insight
  • HSTalks Business and Management Collection
  • IOP Press
  • Karger Publishers
  • Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online (MEMSO)
  • OECD iLibrary
  • Project Muse
  • ProQuest – The New York Times
  • Sage Journals
  • Sage Research Methods


If you have any questions or want more information about access please contact the Alumni Office



Image credit: ‘Senate House Passage, Cambridge’ by subherwal on Flickr –

Trismegistos Texts Database

Access is now enabled to the Trismegistos Texts Database via this link

Trismegistos Texts Database

Access is available via the link in the Cambridge Libraries A_Z of eresources.

Trismegistos Texts is a searchable online database of metadata of all published and semi-published texts from Egypt and the Nile valley, between roughly BC 800 and 800 AD, not only in Greek, Latin, and Egyptian in its various scripts (Demotic, hieroglyphic, hieratic and Coptic), but also in Meroitic, Aramaic, Arabic, Nabataean, Carian, and other languages (currently in all 823167 records).

Votive Plaque of King Tanyidamani

Arcadian Library Online : Access to 30 June 2020

University of Cambridge members now have access until 30 June 2020 to Arcadian Library Online, via this link:

Arcadian Library Online

Tell us what you think of the collection via this feedback form.  Thank you.

“The Arcadian Library is an exceptional, privately-owned library, which respects and celebrates the centuries-old interface between Europe and the Middle East.

Through the rich resource of its holdings this beacon of knowledge demonstrates to the world the enduring relationship that has bound the West to its neighbouring civilization beyond the shores of the Mediterranean Sea for centuries.” — from the collection website



University of California journals : Access to 30 June 2020

Free access to all UC Press journals through June 2020

In recognition of the impact of coronavirus on campus instruction and the rise of unplanned distance learning, University of California Press is making all of their online journals content free to all through June 2020. Access via this link:

Tell us what you think of the UC Press journals via this feedback form.  Thank you.


UC Press journals span the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, with key subject areas that include history, literature & criticism, film & media, music, religion, and sociology.

Gastronomica: The Journal for Food Studies, Vol. 20 No. 1, Spring 2020; (pp. 83-89) DOI: 10.1525/gfc.2020.20.1.83

A Literary History of the Mandarin Orange in Canada

Great balls of golden wonder … round, perishable globes … Here a ripe pyramid most carefully laid …

See how the oranges have caught up all the light!

What joyous tones they hold

Of vivid, bold,

Hot colour!

They glow like balls moulded of molten gold. (Bowman 2015: lines 113–23)


World Theatre Day – Live Theatre Collections

We have access to a number of collections of live theatre performances that you can enjoy in your own home.

Digital Theatre Plus captures the moments before the curtain rises and after the curtain falls, providing valuable insight into the play making process. We share the hidden drama of the weeks, days, and hours before ‘lights up’ on stage. By revealing the world of the rehearsal room, dressing room, backstage and beyond, our documentaries and interviews introduce theatre as a vibrant, exciting art form through a familiar and accessible medium.

Drawing on 10 years of NT Live broadcasts, alongside high-quality archive recordings never previously seen outside of the NT’s Archive, the National Theatre Collection now contains 24 films.

  • Comedies: She Stoops to ConquerOne Man, Two Guvnors, and London Assurance
  • 20th century classics: YermaThe Cherry OrchardThe Deep Blue Sea and Les Blancs
  • Shakespeare plays: HamletOthelloKing LearMacbethJulius CaesarCoriolanusTwelfth NightThe Winter’s Tale and Romeo and Juliet
  • Literary adaptations: FrankensteinJane EyreTreasure Island and Peter Pan
  • Greek classics: Antigone and Medea
  • World historical drama: Dara

The Donmar Shakespeare Trilogy on Screen


Harriet Walter leads an all female cast in these three productions set in a women’s prison.

Shakespeare’s Globe on Screen 1 (2008-2015) and 2 (2016-2018)

This collection features 21 films recorded live on the Globe stage from leading actors including Mark Rylance, Stephen Fry, and Roger Allam’s Olivier Award-winning role as Falstaff in Henry IV.  Founded by the pioneering American actor and director Sam Wanamaker, Shakespeare’s Globe is dedicated to the exploration of Shakespeare’s work and the theatre for which he wrote.

Shakespeare’s Globe on Screen 2 (2016-2018) includes 9 landmark productions from the theatre’s most recent seasons, including two productions from Emma Rice’s tenure as Artistic Director and the first production from the indoor Jacobean theatre, the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

The RSC Live Collection.

The Royal Shakespeare Company creates theatre at its best, made in Stratford-upon-Avon and shared around the world. The RSC produces an inspirational artistic programme each year, setting Shakespeare in context, alongside the work of his contemporaries and today’s writers.

Brepols journal archives : access to May 31, 2020

Journal archives in the fields of medieval studies, material culture, and romance languages

University of Cambridge members now have access to the back issues of journals published by the humanities publisher Brepols.  The back issues run from volume 1 up to 2011.  The journals now opened up are:

Analecta Bollandiana – Antiquité Tardive – Apocrypha – Bulletin de philosophie médiévale – European Medieval Drama – Food & History – Hortus Artium Medievalium – The Journal of Medieval Latin – Les lettres romanes – Manuscripta – Mediaeval Studies – Le moyen français – Nottingham Medieval Studies – Peritia – Publications du Centre Européen d’Etudes Bourguignonnes – Quaestio – Revue Bénédictine – Romance Philology – Sacris Erudiri – Viator

These backfiles can now be accessed via

Brepols online

Cambridge subscribes to many but not all of Brepols journals, so please note there are some gaps in coverage of years and volumes.

“I Fear Greeks, Even When They Bear Gifts”: The Gifts of Alexios I and the Histories of the First Crusade, from the first issue of Viator

Portrait of the Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos (r. 1081-1118), 



RILM Music Encyclopedias : trial access

Trial access to the RILM Music Encyclopedias is now enabled for the University of Cambridge to 31 May 2020.

RILM Music Encyclopedias

Please tell us what you think of the encyclopedias using your feedback form.  Thank you.

RILM Music Encyclopedias is an ever-expanding full-text compilation of reference works that facilitates unprecedented combined searches.

It provides comprehensive encyclopedic coverage of the most important fields and subject areas of historical musicology, ethnomusicology, and theory, with topics ranging from popular music and rock, opera, instruments, and blues and gospel to recorded music and women composers. Its content spans multiple countries and languages—currently English, German, French, Italian, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, Slovak, and Spanish. New encyclopedias are being added annually and the Komponisten der Gegenwart receives periodic updates. In 2020, the collection includes 57 titles published from 1775 to the present and comprising over 330,000 entries.

Cecilia Bartoli in the Großes Sängerlexikon, 2003