Advances in Experimental Social Psychology


advances in social

From the Science Direct website for the journal:

“Advances in Experimental Social Psychology continues to be one of the most sought after and most often cited series in this field. Containing contributions of major empirical and theoretical interest, this series represents the best and the brightest in new research, theory, and practice in social psychology.

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from volume 44 (2011) to present.

Access Advances in Experimental Social Psychology via the ejournals@cambridge A-Z or at this link.

ORCID Launches Crossref and DataCIte Auto-Update

ORCID, the non-profit organization that is working to address the name ambiguity problem in scholarly communications by providing a registry of persistent identifiers for researchers, today announced the launch of Auto-Update functionality, in collaboration with Crossref and DataCite.

Now, ORCID registrants who use their unique ORCID identifier (iD) when submitting a manuscript or dataset can opt to have their ORCID record automatically updated when their work is made public.

In addition, other systems that have integrated the ORCID APIs and connected a researcher’s ORCID record — their faculty profile system, library repository, webpage, funder reporting system — can also choose to receive alerts from ORCID, allowing research information to move easily and unambiguously across multiple systems.

Crossref and DataCite, both non-profit organizations, are leaders in registering DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers – a unique alphanumeric string assigned to a digital object) for research publications and datasets. Each DOI is associated with a set metadata and a URL pointer to the full text, so that it uniquely identifies the content item and provides a persistent link to its location on the internet.

Between them, Crossref and DataCite have already received almost a half a million works from publishers and data centers that include an ORCID iD validated by the author/contributor. With Auto-Update functionality in place, provided the researcher includes her/his ORCID iD at submission, information about these works can transit (with the researcher’s permission) to her/his ORCID record.


Owl of Minerva

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : OWL OF MINERVA.

Owl of MinervaFrom the Philosophy Document Centre website for the journal:

The Owl of Minerva features articles, discussions, translations, reviews, and bibliographical information pertaining to Hegel, his predecessors, contemporaries, successors, and influences today, as well as studies that use or enter into debate with a Hegelian approach to philosophical issues. “

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from 1969 to present.

Access Owl of Minerva via the ejournals@cambridge A-Z or at this link.

Image credit: ‘Marble Bas Relief of Minerva With Her Owl at the Library Of Congress John Adams Building (Washington, DC)’ by takomablbelot on Flickr –

Links for information about eresources on trial

This post is aimed at Cambridge librarians who may want to find information on what eresources are currently on trial.

Eresources currently on trial are communicated via this blog.  Ebooks currently on trial are communicated via the ebooks blog

Trials are also routinely emailed to the general staff maillists.

There are now two new places to check and discover information about eresources trials:

1. via an eresources@cambridge page for Cambridge librarians here

2. via the Trials section of the “What’s new” page on the ejournals & eresources LibGuide here

The eresources@cambridge site, the Journals Co-ordination Scheme site and the eresources@cambridge Wiki for eresources selection have been updated to include links to these pages about trials.

As the pages say, if you wish to request a new trial or have a question about an existing trial, please write to or for ebooks to

PsycBOOKS via EbscoHost & Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Collection

PsycBOOKS can now be trialled also via the EbscoHost Platform at this link

This trial runs in parallel with the trial of PsycBOOKS on the APA platform

Trial access is available also at this link for the Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Collection.

Trial access is available up to 8 November, 2015.

Please send your feedback to


Visit The Captured Thought, blog, an experimental analysis of how minds work

IEA Statistics (OECD iLibrary)

Trial access is now available to the IEA Statistics databases on the OECD iLibrary platform.

Access the trial on campus via this link or off campus via this link.

Access ends 12 November 2015.

Please send your feedback on the IEA statistics trial to

OECD iLibrary provides online access to the statisical databases of the International Energy Agency.

It includes access to the annual Energy Statistics and Energy Balances databases; the annual Coal Information, Electricity Information, Natural Gas Inforamtion, Oil Information, Renewables Information, CO2 Emission from Fuel Combustion, Energy Technology R&D, and IEA Forecasts databases, as well as the quarterly Energy Prices and Taxes and Oil Gas Coal and Electricity Statistics.

The Economic and Social Data Service is a single access point to international macro data from the World Bank, IMF, OECD, UN, Eurostat, and IEA as well as UK government surveys, longitudinal surveys, qualitative data, the UK Data Archive.  To access the ESDS data you must first register here and select Login via UK Federation. After fillling out the registration form you will need to confirm via email

Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek

New resource via eresources@cambridge A-Z: Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek.

The University Library has started a new subscription to the Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek which can be accessed on and off campus via this link.

The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek is the English translation of Franco Montanari’s Vocabolario della Lingua Greca. With an established reputation as the most important modern dictionary for Ancient Greek, it brings together 140,000 headwords taken from the literature, papyri, inscriptions and other sources of the archaic period up to the 6th Century CE, and occasionally beyond. The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek is an invaluable companion for the study of Classics and Ancient Greek, for beginning students and advanced scholars alike.

Aristarchus’s 3rd-century BC calculations on the relative sizes of (from left) the Sun, Earth and Moon


Donmar Warehouse Study Guides


The Donmar Warehouse offers freely available behind the scenes study guides to some of their productions. The guides offer background information to the playwrights and the play as well as detailing the process of putting on productions at the Donmar.

“For each of our productions, we create an exclusive Behind the Scenes guide, providing a unique look at the enormous amount of work and creativity that goes into producing a Donmar show. These guides include interviews, rehearsal diaries, production photography, information about the play and playwright, and much, much more. We also include exercises for use by students and teachers at the back of every guide.”

Click on the images below to take e look at some of the guides.

Philadelphia-CTA   RichardII

CTALuiseMiller    AStreetcarCTA

Coriolanus    Henry IV CTA


Nick Hern Book Collection on Drama Online

The English Faculty Library and the University Library are delighted to announce the acquisition from joint funding of the Nick Hern Book Collection to the Drama Online resource.

The collection, which features titles by some of the best UK, Irish and international playwrights working today, adds hundreds of plays from Nick Hern Books.  The Collection includes:

*                    Modern classics from Howard Brenton, Jez Butterworth, Caryl Churchill, David Edgar, Helen Edmundson, Liz Lochhead, Conor McPherson, Rona Munro, Enda Walsh and Nicholas Wright

*                    Titles from the popular Drama Classics series, including foreign works in translation from Nikolai Gogol, Alfred Jarry, Molière and more

*                    Fifteen plays by leading twentieth-century dramatist Terence Rattigan, each with an authoritative critical introduction

*                    New writing from exciting contemporary dramatists such as Mike Bartlett, Alecky Blythe, Alexi Kaye Campbell, Vivienne Franzmann, debbie tucker green, Ella Hickson, Lucy Kirkwood, Nina Raine, Jack Thorne and Tom Wells

Drama Online introduces new writers alongside the most iconic names in playwriting history,
providing contextual and critical background through scholarly works and practical guides. Unique Play Tools with Character Grids, Words and Speech graphs and Part Books offer a new way to engage with plays for close study or for performance.

The Drama Online library features the pre-eminent theatre lists of Methuen Drama, the Arden Shakespeare, Faber and Faber and Nick Hern Books, as well as production photos from the Victoria and Albert Museum and The American Shakespeare Center and audio plays from L.A. Theatre Works.

Girton’s orchard. Ralph waits leaning against a tree. Tess appears. It’s dark and very quiet. She creeps to one tree. He creeps to another. She moves in the shadows from tree to tree, becoming increasingly anxious.

Ralph Well, Miss Moffat, it’s a pleasure to meet you properly.

Tess You too.

Ralph Ralph Mayhew. ‘Esquire.’

They shake hands rather formally. Beat.

Well, this is rather unconventional, isn’t it. I probably should have asked you to a clarinet concert, not to some spooky orchard.

Tess It is a bit.

Ralph Isn’t it! (Ghostily.) Woooo! Look, please forgive me, I hope you don’t mind; I thought I might – read you something.

Tess Oh. Here?

Ralph Yes. But I’m not very literary, so it might be disastrous.

Tess I doubt that.

Ralph It’s a poem. But it’s… actually, maybe I shouldn’t.

Tess No, please do.

He takes a slip of paper out, looks at it.

Ralph I really don’t know –

Tess Go on.

Ralph Alright. It’s a love poem.

Tess Oh.

Ralph It’s called A Lady who is fair

Tess Right.



Provedi, saggio, ad esta visïone,

e per mercé ne trai vera sentenza.

Dico: una donna di bella fazone,

di cu’ el meo cor gradir molto s’agenza.

mi fe’ d’una ghirlanda donagione,

verde, fronzuta, con bella accoglienza.


Tess Well that was –

Ralph That’s not the end.

Tess Oh. Right.


 Appresso mi trovai per vestigione

camicia di suo dosso, a mia parvenza.

Allor di tanto, amico, mi francaiche

dolcemente presila abbracciare.

Pause.  That’s the end.

Tess Well! Well. That was quite beautiful. Thank you. What does it mean?

Ralph (doesn’t know Italian) Well, it’s about a lady… who is fair… and she, well, she… it’s very… (Pause.) You know, Italian’s not really my forte. I’m a scientist. Maybe next time I’ll show you an experiment.

Tess I should like that.

Ralph Or I could write you a paper on Kepler.

Tess How do you know I like Kepler?

Ralph Your book, in the library.

Tess So you knew I was an astronomer!

Ralph I was impressed.

Tess You don’t think it’s unfeminine?

Ralph Anyone who can make head or tail of Kepler deserves a medal in my book. I’m using my copy as a doorstop. I think you being here – ladies studying – well, it’s grand.

From Blue Stockings, Act 1, Scene 9, The Garden of Eden by Jessica Swale

New eresource recommendations (Michaelmas 2015)

Recommendations for new eresources can be made via the eresources selection wiki

Recommendations for new eresources made via this wiki up to October 26 2015 will be considered for subscription or purchase on November 17 2015.  The deadline for feedback on the recommendations in the wiki is November 9 2015.

Please scroll down the wiki Main Page to the “Current recommendations” section to find the resources submitted for consideration.  Guidance for adding feedback is in the section “How to comment on new recommendations”.  Please remember this site is Raven-protected and the wiki is for University of Cambridge members only.

Please email if you have any questions.  Thank you.