voxgov trial

Trial access is now available for one month from today 11 January to 10 February 2016 to the voxgov resource for Americanists, political scientists and historians.

voxgov aims to become “the established site of record for unedited media, news and information from all official government sources, providing reliable and comprehensive value-added access to government communications.”

As well as providing the mass output of all areas and branches and personnel of government, voxgov is built with a sophisticated array of tools for managing government data, empowering the user in information retrieval and presentation of themes and topics over time.

Access the trial via this link on or off campus.

Please send feedback to the Social and Political Sciences Library by writing to sps-library@hsps.cam.ac.uk

If you have any access or technical issue with the trial please contact the ejournals & eresources helpdesk by writing to ejournals@lib.cam.ac.uk.

Please let us know what you think about voxgov.  Thank you.

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