Taylor & Francis Online unveil new ejournal platform

Taylor & Francis have updated their ejournal platform at Taylor & Francis Online.


The new search functionality highlights articles from within the Taylor & Francis collection as well as allowing searching by journal title.

Hem article T&FThe list of search results will include content which is available to members of the University of Cambridge amongst content to which we do not have subscriptions.

Content which is accessible off campus through Raven authentication, or on campus from a networked PC, can be identified by a green triangle containing a tick in the bottom right hand corner of the result screen record. If there is no tick then we do not have access to the article.

OA TFOpen access articles are indicated by an orange triangle with an open padlock at the bottom right hand side of the result screen records.

The refine options, on the left hand side of the results screen, offer a way to limit the results to ‘Only show content I have full access to’ (this functionality may not be working correctly at present).

Fict selvesWhen you click a ‘green ticked’ article title the first page of the full text  or an abstract will appear. A green circle with a tick denoting ‘Full access’ appears on the right of the article screen, a little above the title.

Any key words from your initial search will be highlighted in grey throughout the text.

Some of the articles can be read online, but some will need to be downloaded as PDFs in order to see the full text. To open a PDF you need to click on the green PDF icon.

LiesIf you try to access an article to which we do not have access via subscription you will see the same type of article screen as you would for a full access article.

The important difference with the screens is that articles we cannot access will not have the green circle with the tick and will have an orange icon marked ‘Get access’ next to the green PDF icon.

The two examples of articles shown above are both from the journal ‘a/b: auto/biography studies’, but we have access to only one of the articles from the title. To investigate this further you could quickly check the ejournals A-Z and see that our holdings are from 1997 to present, holdings can also be checked on the Taylor & Francis platform by searching for the journal title on the search bar on the home page.

ab journalsThe default results screen view is for article titles, but there is a ‘Journals’ tab is now also visible. Navigating to the journal page will offer a view of the most recent articles and various links to information about the title.

To see the list of available issues it is necessary to scroll down to a link to ‘See all volumes and issues’ on the right hand side of the screen. The list of volumes and issues needs to be expanded in order to view our access rights. A green triangle with a tick will appear next to any volumes that can be accessed. If there is no green triangle tick then there is no access available.

accessThe first article shown above appears in  vol 31, issue 2 (2016)  and the second article is in vol 9, issue 1 (1994).

As it is common for journals to have frontfile (current) material from around  1997 onwards and backfile (archive) material up to around 1996 a check of the volumes for 1996 and 1997 gives you an indication that our access is only to frontfile volumes. This will not apply to all ejournals we have access to and holdings information can be more clearly seen in the ejournals A-Z or iDiscover

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