Sinica Sinoweb

Access has just been enabled to the Sinica Sinoweb ejournals platform, the most in-depth research tool of Taiwan’s humanities, following a successful trial earlier in May 2014.

Sinica Sinoweb offers online access to journal titles published by Academia Sinica, Taiwan’s vaunted academic publisher.  Produced by United Digital Publications Company in Taipei, Sinica Sinoweb offers unmatched content, unrivaled search capabilities, and an archive extending back to as early as 1928.

Only Sinica Sinoweb features all 14 core academic journals published in Taiwan, listed now in the ejournals@cambridge A-Z:

• Shih-Huo Monthly (食货月刊 — exclusively at Sinica Sinoweb);

• Bulletins of the Institutes of Chinese Literature Philosophy, History and Philology, and Modern History;

• Chinese Studies and Newsletter for Modern Chinese History;

• Journal of Chinese Ritual, Theatre and Folklore and Thought and Words;

• Legein (monthly and semiannual editions);

• Oral History Journal and Research on Women in Modern Chinese History;

• Taiwan Historical Research and Taiwan Journal of Anthropology

The journals are primarily in Chinese, though the interface is in English and Traditional Chinese. The titles are cross-searchable, and also permit searches on archaic characters that cannot normally be entered on a PC keyboard or searched in electronic text, by using a technology developed by Academia Sinica itself.


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