New e-resources in Japanese & Japanese studies

The University Library is delighted to announce the acquisition of the following e-resources to support the study of Japanese and Japanese studies in the University.

All resources are listed in the Cambridge LibGuides Databases A-Z.


‘Maisaku 毎索’ gives us the archives of the Mainichi shinbun from 1872 to the present. In addition to the regular Japanese newspaper, the database also includes the English-language ‘The Mainichi’ since 2008, the weekly ‘Ekonomisuto’ since 1989, and searchable ‘Yoron chôsa’ from 1945 to 2017. Our subscription allows 2 concurrent users, so please log out when you are done.


‘Zassaku Plus 雑誌記事索引集成データベース’ is a citation database that indexes articles from magazines and journals from the Meiji period onward. It is not a full-text database but rather an aid to finding articles on your topic. It should be a good short-cut to finding out what has been written and where to find it. Please be aware that you may be logged out automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity.


‘Kadokawa kogo daijiten 角川古語大辞典’ is a multi-volume dictionary of classical Japanese with about 100,000 main entries plus many examples. Our new subscription allows you to search this via JapanKnowledge. We also have a new link for JapanKnowledge, which should work with Raven instead of the VPN.


‘Fûzoku gahô 風俗画報’ was an illustrated magazine published 1889 to 1916. It’s now available to be searched in all 518 issues and 41,000 pages with many illustrations. Like the Kadokawa classical dictionary, this is an add-on subscription within JapanKnowledge.

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