ProQuest One Literature


Proquest one literature


Three Million Citations and Growing

The destination for all aspects of literature research, teaching and learning

Literary research, teaching and learning is evolving in exciting ways. Scholars are stepping beyond the Western canon to analyze diverse and lesser-known voices. Faculty are tapping multiple formats, like audio and video, to create immersive experiences for their students.

Developed in collaboration with faculty, scholars and librarians leading the call for a comprehensive literature resource, ProQuest One Literature is now the destination for all aspects of literature research, teaching and learning.

A discipline-specific user experience offers scholars and students a path to understand and interpret authors, movements and diverse points of view, and expert indexing brings disparate formats and literary content together to support the unique needs of literary researchers.

This is an upgrade from the Literature Online (LION) resource

The study of literature is evolving–and it’s time for a modern approach to support it.

  • Multi-Format & Varied Content: primary texts, full-text journals, historic literary criticism, videos, dissertations, eBooks and more
  • Diversity: a focus on diversity—black and global writers supports diversity in scholarship, bringing different perspective to researchers & students
  • Community:  A product of the community, for the community.  Informed by collaboration with respected advisors, development partners and product early adopters
  • Discipline User Experience: an experience centered around authors, movements and works help users frame and interpret their research topics. A literature user experience highlights varied content types across criticism, primary works, reference, dissertations, video and more

Help with using this resources can be found at

Access  ProQuest One Literature the Databases A-Z, or via the direct links at the top of this post.

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